How Social Media is Making Us Less Social?

Social media is a great gift from mankind. On one hand, Social media makes it easier for everyone to be in touch with others whereas on the other hand it also resists everyone for having physical interaction between each other. Due to this, we are forgetting the value of face to face interactions to create stable relationships.Social media has pros and cons both.


  • This technology has provided us many online apps through which we could connect globally like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp.
  • Social media plays a vital role globally. Through social media, information can be transferred easily and in any corner of the world.
  • Everyone today is living in the Digital World and it is very difficult to survive without social media in this Digital World.
  • In this generation, we cannot live a second without using social media. Needless to say, it has sorted the gap between communication problems.
  • Students and learners can retrieve information from various social sites. It is very helpful for businessmen too. It helps to gain knowledge also.
  • What is happening in the world can be seen in a very less time.


  • Excessive use of social media makes us feel lonely and depressed.
  • There was a time when people would only communicate in person. But, these days it is lacking behind.
  • By spending more time on social media we are harming ourselves physically and mentally both.
  • Fake news, malicious content, harmful information can spread very rapidly through social media only. Youth of today’s world is highly fascinated by social media which harms them physically and mentally both.
  • Many users share every second of their life on social media and update every second of their life on social media. This can lead to harmful effects to the users as some of the social apps store personal information of an individual and which can hamper the privacy of that individual.
  • Due to less face to face interaction these days, it is affecting the confidence of an individual and also communication skills.
  • It also makes a person lazy. People are getting addicted these days. It affects our real-life relations also.

So, rather than sticking for hours to your phone screens and wasting your prestigious time it’s better to invest it in those who really need our time and attention.

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