How to Build a Successful Career in Blogging

How to Build a Successful Earning Career in Blogging (2)

Action speaks louder than words? But we are hearing bloggers today make all the noise!

Writing blogs and making a passive source of income? Sure, but what about full-time blogging as an active earning source? Quite certainly!

Most people/firms think that great ideas are worth rewarding, and as good content runs the sites these days, starting a blog might as well be a great option to earn. But you need to find your niche before you give it a hotshot!

Although blogging does not have eligibility criteria attached, it is not the easiest way to earn money either. There are approximately 1.7 billion websites currently on the internet. So, how to start a blog and make money amidst such digital chaos?

Ad Revenue 

Place ads on your website. This is the easiest and efficient way through which bloggers can make money online. There are different ad formats like banner ads, native ads, sidebar ads, which help advertisers, place their product/service ad on your website, and in turn, each time a reader clicks on the ad, you get paid!

Also, there are private ad exchanges that increase your earnings, but that’s once you get enough traffic/advertisers on your site.

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Ad A Hook To Your Content

How to Build a Successful Earning Career in Blogging (3)

You too, probably won’t read an article if it has no pictures, images, or media. A media-rich content piece can increase the views on your blog, but you got to further take it up a notch. Creating your own infographics and media can give your content not only the uniqueness it needs, but also help sites redirect to your content if it’s relevant enough.

Try building your own infographic, data journalism images, graphs, images, etc. that calls attention. That is the hook that will set your blog apart.

Affiliate Marketing 

The digital sales world is partially run by affiliates. That is why affiliate marketing is one of the quickest ways to earn money.

As an affiliate, blogging can help you earn money by directing your readers towards other essential products or services. This can be done through emailing your subscribers, linking other sites in your content (tracking link – you get a commission if your readers click on the link and make a purchase).

Sponsored posts are blogs that you are paid to publish on your website. The posts mention the businesses or brands that are related to the niche you write about. Sponsored posts can be in the form of paid reviews, offers, announcements of a sale, roundup/list posts, videos, etc.

However, when you want to go for sponsored posts, it is intelligent to pitch to smaller companies instead of big ones, because they have a smaller workforce and less “attention.”

Starting An Online Course

How to Build a Successful Earning Career in Blogging

Not only do you have skills, but you can also charge a premium for them. Setting up online tutorials or courses can really gear up your blogging career. Also, focus on really providing value to your viewers through the course; you can redirect them to additional products or services that can best aid their learning, and earn added income through that too.

Right tools and words can help you become a successful blogger. But for anything you do, align your passion with people’s needs. If you aren’t willing to provide worthy information to the readers, blogging for money wouldn’t give you much success.

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