How Well Do You Know about India?

Let’s check your GK and facts of our country and how well do you know about our Motherland, INDIA..

1.) What is the rank of India in terms of Internet users?
a.) 1
b.) 2
c.) 3
d.) 4

2.) According to 2018 ease of living Index which city has been awarded as best city to live in?
a.) Delhi
b.) Mumbai
c.) Pune
d.) Chandigarh

3.) Most circulated language in Indian newspaper is?
a.) Hindi
b.) English
c.) Gujrati
d.) Tamil

4.) Which state has the 2nd highest literacy rate in India
a.) Kerala
b.) Goa
c.) Maharashtra
d.) Mizoram

5.) What percent of GDP does women contribute in India?
a.) 30.07
b.) 25
c.) 14
d.) 38

6.) What population of Tigers was last reported in 2018?
a.) 1101
b.) 1709
c.) 2245
d.) 2967

7.) The ratio of girls per 100 boys in primary education is:
a.) 83%
b.) 86%
c.) 89%
d.) 93%

8.) Which sport won us the most medals in Commonwealth Games in 2018?
a.) Boxing
b.) Shooting
c.) Wrestling
d.) Table Tennis

9.) Which city was awarded as the cleanest city under the “Swatch Bharat Mission”:
a.) Chandigarh
b.) Ahmedabad
c.) Nagpur
d.) Itanagar

10.) What is the prize money give to the “Arjuna Awardee”
a.) 3 Lakh
b.) 2 Lakh
c.) 1 Lakh
d.) 5 Lakh

11.) What is the state flower of Haryana?
a.) Lotus
b.) Tulip
c.) Sunflower
d.) Daffodil

12.) In which state “Elephant Falls” is located?
a.) Orissa
b.) Himachal Pradesh
c.) Meghalaya
d.) Mizoram

13.) On which date Army day is celebrated in India?
a.) 15 January
b.) 26 January
c.) 23 March
d.) 15 August

14.) Who is known as “Iron Man of India”?
a.) Dharmendra Singh Deol
b.) Subhas Chandra Bose
c.) Sardar Patel
d.) Lala Lajpat Rai

15.) Who is famously known as “Punjab Kesari”
a.) Sardar Patel
b.) Lala Lajpat Rai
c.) Bhagat Singh
d.) Milkha Singh

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