Improve your Posture with the Right Type of Chair: Work From Home Special Edition

7 Types of Chairs Suitable for Work From Home

We are in a time where the lines between a comfortable home environment and a pro-active office ecosystem are blurring. With an increased number of people engaged in work from home, health has taken a back seat. Long working hours have led to many health problems and the most common ones include posture issues, back sprains, lumbar issues, and so on. Now, that our home is also our workspace it is important to pick the right gear for a healthy and balanced work atmosphere at home. The kind of chairs we use at home for official work is a matter of great importance in terms of health as well as productivity. Given below are 7 types of chairs suitable for work from home:

1. Ergonomic Chairs

7 Types of Chairs Suitable for Work From Home

Ergonomic chairs are easy swivel chairs and the most popular ones used in offices. It is a trending pick for employees these days who are working from the comfort of their homes. They are designed to provide support to the body in order to maintain a neutral posture while a person continues to work for long hours. It is the base chair type that has furthered inspired other chair designs.

Salient Features: A rotating base, Sliding seat pan, A stable base, Adjustable head and arm rest, Adjustable seat height, Lumbar support

Helps in combating: Neck sprains, Back pains, Shoulder pains

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2. Task or Armless Chairs

7 Types of Chairs Suitable for Work From Home

A task chair is an armless swivel chair, a conventional choice for official work. The chair does not have any arms attached hence is also popularly known as the armless chair. People prefer this chair type because it is less restrictive in nature. The absence of chair arms will make the person rest his or her arms on the table making them draw closer to their desk.

Salient Features: Easy movement, Space saving, Economical, Back support, Adjustable seat height, Waterfall edge

Helps in combating: Restrictive body movement, Posture related issues, Back pain

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3. Executive Chairs

7 Types of Chairs Suitable for Work From Home

As the name suggests, the executive chair is generally used by the higher-ups. It has a rather appealing and imposing appearance. The comfort and the feel of these chairs have made them a favourite choice for many who are working from home. Although the line between ergonomic and executive chairs is blurring, the latter is typically made of high quality superior materials like wood and leather.

Salient Features: High back, Overstuffed cushioning, Swivel base, Stuffed head and arm rest, Reclining function

Helps in combating: Back pain, Poor posture, Neck sprain, Hip joint pain

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4. Drafting Chairs

7 Types of Chairs Suitable for Work From Home

A Drafting chair is simply an ergonomic chair with a couple of modifications. The chair is specifically designed to provide a smooth and interrupted transition from a standing position to a sitting position and vice-a-versa. It is taller than the regular office chairs and therefore has a foot ring to rest the feet. It is generally used by people working at drafting tables or fixed standing-height desks.

Salient Features: Foot ring, Nylon casters, Height control, Swivel base, Comes with or without back rest

Helps in combating: Posture issues, Back pains, Numbness, Lumbar pains

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5. Visitor Chairs

7 Types of Chairs Suitable for Work From Home

Visitor chairs does not imply the style of the chair but the purpose of the seat itself. It is most commonly used in receptions, waiting rooms or as extra chairs for guests. Though these chairs are considered for short term seating purposes they are a good fit for people who want to use it for multiple purposes at home.

Salient Features: Reasonable prices, Fixed chair, Rich and elegant designs, Neat finishing, Sturdy non-slip usage

Helps in combating: Arm pain, Back pain, Poor blood circulation, Knee compressions

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6. Rolling Active Chair

7 Types of Chairs Suitable for Work From Home

The ergonomic rolling active chair provides a sit-stand seat positions. This can also be called an active saddle stool which is ideal to be used for sit-stand desks. The chair actively realigns the spine and can be tilted as per the requirement of the seated person. The chair is fit for smaller spaces and is easy to assemble.

Salient Features: Swivel star base, Sit-stand stool, Ergonomic designed seat, Tilting feature, Height adjustment

Helps in combating: Spine issues, Lower back pain, Posture issues, Restricted upper body movement

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7. Balance Ball Chairs

7 Types of Chairs Suitable for Work From Home

The balance ball chairs are also known as the ‘Yoga Ball Chairs’ or the ‘Stability Ball Chairs’. The base of the chair has a giant yoga or a stability ball. Most balance ball chairs come with casters and a backrest. It is the best for fitness conscious people who have a maximum of 20-30 min seating in one go. Continuous prolonged uses of this chair can cause fatigue.

Salient Features: Removable balance ball at the base, Available with or without backrest, Armless chair, Sturdy frame, Wheeled base

Helps in combating: Poor blood circulation, Weak core muscles, Weak leg muscles, Weight issues

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The right selection of the chair type can make work from home more effective. It is wise to choose the most suitable type of chair in order to do our best at work and keep our postures right.

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