An Indian Acquires Human Calculator Tag Yet Again, A Moment of Pride!

An Indian Acquires ‘Human Calculator’ Tag Yet Again, A Moment of Pride!

Is it humanly possible to turn your brain into a calculator and give answers as fast as a calculator can? Yes, it is, we have already seen the instance of the legend and genius Shakuntala Devi. She has awed the world with her incredible and bizarre talent to calculate mathematics mentally. For an ordinary human being, calculating the square root of a 100 digit number can be a mammoth task without a calculator. These calculations are simply a cake walk for a mathematical prodigy. For Shakuntala Devi, these feats were just as easy as calculating “2+2=4” and thus, she became the human calculator.

The 21-year-old student from Hyderabad studying at St. Stephen’s College won the Mental Calculation World Championship at Mind Sports Olympiad and earned the tag of the world’s fastest ‘human calculator’. This title was once acquired by Shakuntala Devi herself. Neelakanta Bhanu Prakash already holds 50 national and 4 international records. He defeated Scott Flansburg in the year 2016 after winning the fastest human calculator title.

The event was conducted virtually and saw participants from Greece, Germany, UAE, UK, and 9 other countries. There were 30 participants between the age group of 15 and 30 years who participated to become the fastest human calculator. Prakash said, “Child is an art. But he develops a fear of maths because we have tested them too often on tasks we don’t mean anything to them. Playing with numbers actually is fun. I want to bring back India its past glory to mathematics. India has some of the finest brains and faculty. We must help many excel more in mental arithmetic than what we have achieved so far.”

The newly labeled human calculator has opened up his start-up by the name ‘Exploring Infinities’ and has already initiated work with the Government of Telangana. The start-up has already made more than 700 hours of content from classes 6 to 10. These prodigies are the face of future India who will represent the future generation in all spheres of life. What a moment of pride and joy for all the Indians, we have another mathematical prodigy!

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