Is Planet Earth Better Off Without Us?

Is Planet Earth Better Off Without Us

The impact of lockdown all around the world has been catastrophic for us, but cathartic for mother earth. While we are caged in our homes, the planet is healing and prospering. The year 2020, however, brought with it a lesson or two. It made us realize that we aren’t as dominant as we boast, and that, our planet is better off without us. Don’t agree? See for yourself.

Wildlife Enjoying Depopulated Earth Space

While we see deer, tigers, yaks, wild goats taking over the cities in different parts of the world; some animals are reclaiming their long lost homes and returning after decades, all due to the human lockdown. Wild animals have become a common sight these days, and people have been quick to share it on social media.

We Are Breathing Cleaner Air

Cleaner and fresher air, along with clearer pollution-free skies have definitely helped ease our quarantine stress. The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) while assessing the Air Quality Index (AQI) was happy to announce a significant improvement in the quality of air, which started to show from the first day of Janta Curfew.

Busiest Cities Get Rid of its “Most Polluted” Tags

The busiest city in the world – New York, saw a 50 percent decline in carbon monoxide levels. Wuhan, the epicenter of coronavirus got rid of the virus and its excess pollution level, both. Venice’s canals also cleared up due to the global standstill, welcoming seasonal guests such as Jellyfishes, dolphins, and some other sorts of fishes as well.

In India, people are enjoying blue skies and some have also managed to get a distant view of the magnificent Himalayas from specific parts of the country!

Realizing the Mess We’ve Made, People Are Genuinely Working Towards a Better #FutureEarth

It seems like people have started to realize the adversities our planet has suffered over the years and are making genuine attempts (or at least thinking) to get back on a sustainable track. The hashtag #FutureEarth is trending over social media where people and celebrities pledge to live in harmony with nature.

Cutting CO2 emissions, buying more local produce, and understanding food systems is the current center of sustainability. We all have a responsibility towards our planet. So it is time to evoke our conscience and not only speak up but let OUR voices be heard in building OUR future.

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