Keep Boredom at Bay With A Fun Social Media Challenge

Keep Boredom at Bay With A Fun Social Media Challenge

The coronavirus lockdown has brought the world to a standstill, with all of us tucked away safely at our homes. But with that safety also came boredom, and with other options of entertainment thwarted people resorted to social media. Here are some of the most fun challenges that went viral over the past few months. Which challenge is your favorite?

1. Gesture Challenge

This super fun challenge is available as a filter on both Instagram and TikTok. This challenge consists of emojis flashing quickly on your screen to the beat of fast-paced music in the background. Participants must quickly imitate all the gestures correctly. A lot of celebrities posted videos of themselves attempting the challenge, including, Alia Bhatt, Nick Jonas, etc.

2. Blanket Challenge

This challenge became quite popular on Instagram for its hilarity as well as creative ingenuity. It was especially taken up by fashion enthusiasts. The idea behind this is to use blankets available at home to make an outfit for yourself. The more realistic and complex the outfit, the better. Taking it up a notch, people displayed their flair by doing their own in-house fashion shows with outfits made out of their blankets.

3. Dalgona Coffee Challenge

This trend took Instagram by storm. It is inspired by the South Korean Dalgona candy (a sugary toffee with a soft sponge-like texture). It’s only a 3-ingredient recipe that is super easy to make and tastes delicious. The drink became extremely popular for its aesthetically pleasing look. Almost everyone attempted the challenge and posted pictures for the world to see!

4. Flip The Switch Challenge

Inspired by Drake’s popular song Nonstop, this viral social media challenge had people appearing as themselves before lights went off and then switching clothes when the lights came back on. People even switched poses, voices, attitudes, and other attributes. J-Lo’s attempt at this challenge drew millions of views.

5. Doodle Challenge

This challenge can double as a great game for your next house party. It requires you to put a sheet of paper on a person’s back and place another sheet in front of that person. You have to write or draw on the person’s back. And that is supposed to be re-created by that person only by sensing your hand movements and gestures. Be sure to post the results on Instagram.

6. Don’t Rush challenge

As a gold mine for makeup enthusiasts, Don’t Rush challenge got really popular on social media. A person would have a brush passed to them and they start off with a natural look. They momentarily cover the camera with the brush, and turn up completely glammed up! Many groups of girls around the world tried this unique challenge with their friends.

7. Vogue Challenge

The Vogue Challenge went absolutely viral in India and around the globe as well. It gave promising fashionistas and makeup artists on social media a platform to showcase their originality. Everyone had their own style and take on the cover page of Vogue, and we got to see many incredible results.

8. ‘Who Is More’ Challenge

This is a super fun challenge to do with your friends, siblings, or even family members! It went viral on TikTok originally. One person asks a general question, and the others respond who is more likely to do or be that thing. It is a great way to find some super fun and quirky details about your loved ones and get to know them better and bond.
Try these super fun social media challenges to be connected to your loved ones virtually during this pandemic. Let your creativity and originality show, and make sure to post all the experiments for everyone to see!

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