Did you Know that a Large Population is Actually Good? No Kidding!

Did you Know that a Large Population is Actually Good? No Kidding!

Yes, you read it right! Lower that brow! We have grown up listening to people saying that half of the problems faced by our society today are due to the explosive rise in the population. We have even been taught in elementary school about how exactly the rise in the number of people who exist in a particular location fight for survival leading to scarcity of everything. However, in this article, we will tell you why it is not ‘all’ bad about rising numbers. Here are 5 reasons why a large population is actually a good thing, read on!

1. It’s Good For Business

Okay, this is simple math. If you sell more, you earn more. An economy with more population is a huge potential market with ever-changing tastes and preferences. It not only leads to greater demand but also gives the business sector an opportunity to cater to diverse consumer groups. This is a great way in which they can expand and grow. By offering a greater variety of consumer options and niches, business can generate more profit-making verticals. We bet you never thought that, did you?

2. It’s Healthy For The Economy

A larger population means an increase of our workforce with a large proportion of young people. This will also mean a rise in savings rates, because young people tend to invest more than older people. Many Asian countries will not long be able to access this source of economic growth when their workers contract to rely on productivity growth to sustain growth. Yet only by training that generates skills among our people can we use this demographic dividend. So it is a point up for nations with a greater population!

3. It Helps Run Democracy

Think about it. Imagine a scenario where 5 people ‘A’,’B’,’C’,’D’,’E’  have to vote for or against ‘F’ for being their leader. There are chances that A who is F’s cousin will vote for him, C is his best friend; that will also fetch him his vote and D has a crush on F so she also votes for him. This leads to F fetching that position effortlessly without having to consider his professional performance. However, what if there were 50 people selected to vote? There are slim chances that personal bias can impact such a large number. The chances keep on decreasing as you increase the number of people eligible to vote. Same happens in an economy. More people ensure that the right of citizens to choose the right candidate for leading their country is safeguarded.

4. It’s Important For Growth

Human is an intelligent species. We are constantly evolving by finding solutions to the problems faced by the race. When we multiply, we add on a resource. That also means multiplied intelligence. As mentioned above, young minds bring out new innovations and help us step ahead. Look up around you, the generation next to you is more tech savvy and open to experimentation. A wider population creates demands for education, health care, transport and services generating jobs, tax income and improved economic activities. This leads to the overall growth of the community

5. It Will Lead To Biological Evolutions

Evolution has led to the betterment of human life. We have genetically evolved over the years with an enhanced life cycle. However this would have taken longer if we would have has a controlled reproduction strategy. Studies have claimed that the smaller the population is more susceptible evolutionary changes. One such phenomenon is known as genetic drift. Crossing of genes in a limited gene pool prevents drifts and thus delays the process of evolution. Imagine, we still would have been apes!

So now you know that just like everything, even population rise also has significant positive aspects to it. Tell us what do you think in the comment section below. Share it with that older uncle who always says ’humare time log kum the aur dikkatein bhi kum thi.’

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