Lash Lift Kit: If Lashes Could Kill, You’d be in Jail For This One!

Lash Lift Kit If Lashes Could Kill Youd Be In Jail For This One (3)

For those who are naturally blessed with great eyelashes, we’re jealous! You guys can literally apply zero makeup, and still feel pretty and attractive. While mascara comes in handy to our rescue, giving us dramatically long lashes; layers of our “super-lash-gods- falling-from-heaven” mascaras can often feel sticky and eye-clogging too.

How about Fake lashes? Apart from being high-maintenance, they are pricey, so a big no-no! But for people wondering if there’s a way to naturally get thick and long lashes instantly; an eyelash lift kit can do the trick! Lash Lifts are natural, easy to do process that can add curl and definition to your ordinary lashes for 8-10 weeks. The whole process takes not more than an hour.

People have tried the lash lift kit and their lashes looked AMAZING! (Recommended: Click a “before LASH LIFT” photo, to compare the results).

What All Do We Get In A Lash Lift Kit?

  • Lash Tool or Lash Pick: to help you lift the lashes onto the lash lift shields or lash lift rods.
  • Curl Solution or Perm Lotion: the same solution is used as in hair perming. This product helps the lash to curl
  • Setting Solution or Neutralizing Cream: works in connection with curl solution, to stop you from over-processing the lashes.
  • Moisturizing Oil or Nourishing Lotion: This will help to rehydrate and protect the lashes.
  • Silicone Shields, Molds: They create the shape of your curl lashes, you stick your lashes onto the in the entire process.
  • Lash Lift Glue: To secure lashes onto the shields or molds during application.

Shall We Begin?

  • Cleanse your lashes (An oil-free makeup remover works best).
  • Cover your lower lashes with eye patches.
  • Carefully put the shields on closed eyes and apply glue on the underside of the shields, sticking your lashes to it as shown here:

Lash Lift Kit

  • Apply glue to the outside of the shield as well and straighten out your lashes on the shield, as best as you can (straight and evenly lay your lashes).
  • Have as little gap as possible between the base of the lash and the shield.
  • Apply the Pink Perming Lotion (from the base to the mid-section of the lashes). Apply as close to the base as possible and do not perm the entire lash; just the mid-section to the base.

Lash Lift Kit If Lashes Could Kill Youd Be In Jail For This One (2)

  • Clean with a dry cotton bud after keeping it for 10-15 minutes. Take care not to wipe over the tips of the lashes in case they become unstuck.
  • Apply the Blue Settling Lotion in exactly the same manner as you did with the perming lotion and leave it to rest for another 10 minutes.
  • Clean with dry cotton bud thereafter
  • Apply Nourishing Oil with the cotton bud, and leave it on for 5 minutes, and wipe the excess away after that.
  • The lashes should be easily detached from the shield now (you can use a toothpick too).

Take a close look at your newly gifted beautiful lashes (no mascara can beat the natural glare and length you get with your very own DIY kit). But apply mascara for maximum dramatic effect. Have fun with your new set of lashes, and feel free to share your experience with us.

See you until the next DIY, pals!

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