Let’s talk Brainwaves: How to Enter the Theta State of Mind?

Let's talk Brainwaves: How to Enter the Theta State of Mind

The human brain is an electrochemical organ with different frequencies of waves. The five main categories of brainwaves are Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Gamma. The Theta brainwave is what is of interest to us right now. These are measured from 4 to 7 Hertz. This is the frequency range at which the brain is in the border between conscious and unconscious.

When the brain is in the theta state, the person feels absolutely calm and deeply relaxed. It is also a very powerful state that lets you mentally disengage from actions while doing them. The brain typically produces theta brainwaves right before falling asleep or just after waking up. This state is sought after because of the flow of creative ideas that are produced when one is in this state. It is also known to improve learning capacity.

You have probably already guessed how one can enter the theta state. Yes, it’s through meditation. Mentioned below is a popular technique:

Step 1: Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for 20 to 30 minutes.

Step 2: Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take deep breaths.

Step 3: Visualize yourself as a small ball of white light in the center of your chest.

Step4: Make the ball, i.e. yourself travel downwards to your stomach. As you move, gather the consciousness of the different organs you are going through. This is making you as the ball becomes bigger.

Step 5: Go further down to your thighs, knees, and ankles. Go through the bottom of your feet and enter the ground below it. Go deeper into the earth and find a rock.

Step6: Attach a rope to the rock.

Step 7: Go back toward your body while holding the end of the rope. Enter your body through the feet.

Step 8: Move up to the chest through the ankles, knees, and stomach all the while gathering body consciousness.

Step 9: Now travel upward through the neck and jaw into your skull and stop at the top of your head.

Step 10: Exit the top of your head and go a few feet above your body. Keep travelling upward as far as you want to.

Step 11: Go past the earth’s layers and go beyond the universe. You will see a bright light in the distance, and you have to enter into it.

Step 12: Allow the light to go into you. Let it absorb you.

Let's talk Brainwaves: How to Enter the Theta State of Mind

You are now in the Theta State

You can think about questions if you want or you can simply remain there for calm.

When you ask questions in the theta state of mind, the answers that you get might be eureka worthy. One shouldn’t try to interpret or think about the things that come to mind in the theta state while in the theta state. Just observe everything that goes through your mind.

How early can the Theta State of Mind be Achieved?

Achieving the theta state of mind is not easy. It can take very long before beginners can enter it at will. Even though it takes a bit of practice, it is completely doable.

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