Lionel Messi to Quit Barcelona for Good?

Lionel Messi to Quit Barcelona for Good?

El Clasico has already become a little dull for football supporters all over the world since when the Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo chose to leave the team. The event can further lose its charm if the Barcelona captain Lionel Messi quits Barcelona’s squad. Speculations of the same happening shortly have been surfacing on the internet for the past few weeks. Is it true?

Sources say that Messi is said to be angry with “Barcelona’s board about leaked media reports that appeared to make him seem responsible for events at the club. This included the six-time Ballon d’Or winner being accused of playing a role in the January sacking of Coach Ernesto Valverde.” News platforms are also reporting that Lionel Messi is also frustrated with the quality of Barcelona’s squad.

Barcelona supporters are going crazy about the possibility of their favourite player leaving the squad. A huge wave of supporters is using hashtags to request Lionel Messi to stay in the team. We have news that will make these fans finally catch a breath, Lionel Messi denied that he would be leaving Barcelona, and sources close to him also have confirmed the player’s intention to remain with Barcacela for the next year.

Barca president Josep Maria Bartomeu said that “Leo Messi will still play with us for the next two, three, four or five years. I have no doubts about that.” in an interview. Also, according to Leo Messi’s contract, if he intends to leave the team he has to inform it to the board before June 1 of any given year and as no official information has been communicated to the board about the same, Messi won’t be leaving the team this year for sure. The future is still uncertain as no information for the coming years has been officially communicated. All we can do now is wait and hope that Messi takes the right decision in the future.

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