Living in The Now

Aaj Wahi Kal Hai Jiski Parwa Tumhe Kal Thi

The present moment dies every moment to become the past, is reborn every moment into the future.

All experience is now and now never ends. 

I am not a philosopher neither a spiritual Guru, all I have are experiences which are translated into the thought process, indeed making my heart and mind in sync. 

From centuries, we stuck in the cycle of life and death. We live life as we live death. So, why to worry when both of them are lived upon.

Now the question is when we know that one-day Yamraj will come and get us in a blink of n eye still, we keep on worrying. 

Problem areas – Relationships, Career, Financial Status, Lifestyle, Security. 

Whereas the actual problem area should be – Peace, Love, Happiness

Where are they?

In these modern times, we are occupied in securing our future that we forget to love, laugh, gain experiences and make memories. 

Death is inevitable, and we are not going to take anything from here, not even my tattoos, they will become ash. So what is the purpose of our living?

And how can you find your purpose? Each individual finds happiness and peace in different things, which should be their purpose. 

In this article, I am only discussing with my friends the importance of our existence and how we can achieve it. How can we live in now without worrying about the future? We can go to the bar to grab a girl and unhook the bra or we can just rent out a Maserati to drive around the India Gate, or we can only teach the unprivileged students. Told ya, different hearts want a difference in happiness.

Heart plays a vital role in syncing your brain and desires. When you connect with your heart, you amplify your positive emotions, which are the core of your authentic power. Creating authentic power is learning to distinguish love from FEAR within yourself and choosing love no matter what’s happening inside of you or what’s going on outside of you. 

Its the Fear that let us sacrifice our now, and we keep on struggling to secure our career, money, home, future. This Fear doesn’t allow us to live our present, and if you are not living your gift, I am sorry you are not living at all. 

We can also connect with our hearts by facing difficulties. Our mortality, the prospect of death, encourages us to listen to our heart and allow its inner voice to speak through any worries or Fear. 

Steve Jobs connected with his heart through awareness of his mortality, 

which helped him make crucial decisions. “Because” he reasoned, “almost everything, all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure, just fall on feet of death, leaving what is truly important. 

 Your appointment in life is now, your present moment. Imagine you just going to leave earth tomorrow, hey! I am not scaring you to live in fear but trying to make you realize the importance of today. “Now – should not be taken for granted” Remember the famous movie dialogue – -” hum ek hi baar jeete hai, ek hi baar marte hai, pyaar bhi ek hi baar karte hai” 

This love can be in any form – parents, siblings, spouse, friends, an ex-girlfriend (just kidding) etc. etc. Try to love today because Kal ho na ho. 

As the circumstances going around, the natural calamities leading to deaths. Mother nature always hits back. So love today. 

With your mind calm and compassion, you can encounter the beautiful things around you right now. View your life as a series of present moments. The past is gone; the future is not here yet. By being in the present, you are in touch with your heart. 

“Listen to what it wants you to hear”

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