Lockdown in India: Drones are Now Being Used for Pan Masala Delivery

Lockdown in India Drones are Now Being Used for Pan Masala Delivery

India: As the nation continues its fight against coronavirus through a complete lockdown period until May 3, drones have taken the delivery forefront. 

One such video showing drones dropping “Pan Masala” or “Gutkha” in India recently went viral.

The bizarre activity was recorded when a person from Morbi, a town in Gujarat, uploaded a video on the Chinese video-sharing app, TikTok, along with other social media platforms.

After the incident went viral, police took immediate notice of it and arrested two people who were identified through the video, as it can be qualified as a crime during such a time.

As the current crisis period has put junkies in a vulnerable situation, there are reports of suicides because of alcohol unavailability; there also have been instances where drug addicts, in their bid to get high, overdosed on homeopathy medicines.

The Indian government is urging people to mainly resort to online purchasing of essential commodities, but there has been a breach of rules time and again, said an official. He added that due to uncertain infrastructure and the public not being informed much about the online delivery service, many citizens without masks can be seen on the roads purchasing items.

“Besides this bizarre incident where a drone delivered the tobacco products to the accused, people are also buying alcohol in black everywhere, which is a violation of the restrictions,” the official voiced.

With the first case of coronavirus in India being reported on 30th January, the number of cases is ascending with more than 10,000 people affected and over 350 people killed in the pandemic.

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