Love Coffee? Create Your Very Own Coffee Station At Home

Love Coffee Create Your Very Own Coffee Station At Home

For some of us, coffee is just a drink, and for others, it is a cup of warmth and bliss that can change our mood for better. Being either of them changes nothing; coffee is ultimately a very important part of our lives!

We want our cup of Joe just how we like it; can be with a dash of hazelnut in it, or a bit too strong/light, or even matcha could work for you. There are hundreds of options to choose from. So why do we only have those Nescafé sachets lingering in our kitchen drawers when we can have our own coffee station at home?

We are excited for this one, let’s get to it! Getting your own kitchen coffee bar/ station isn’t just cute, but also helps you get convenient access to coffee at any hour you want. You don’t even have to carve out a lot of space, but just a corner for your coffee bar idea to work!

What Do You Need?

  • Your favorite brand of coffee, teas, green teas (hoard as many flavors as you want)
  • Small little spoons, or coffee stirrers
  • A coffee maker
  • Cute mugs
  • Tray
  • Coffee Cart/ or a dedicated place in your kitchen cupboard
  • Coffee grinder (if you really want that authentic taste of coffee)

1. A Coffee Cart

Keep your coffee cart simple but functional, which could be used for keeping your fancy mugs to small brunch plates, and your coffee maker as well. For this, you can repurpose your old dressing table too. But if you want one of those perfectly made mobile coffee carts (Rustic, black finished, designer) go here:

2. Cupboards or Built-In Cabinets

Counter space is great, but for those who don’t have that extra space in the kitchen; cupboards or built-in cabinets can be your mini-coffee bars. You can hang your cups, and get all your flavors/ingredients in place for when its coffee time.

Here are some examples to get you inspired (our best picks!)

1. The *All-in-one Barista* Coffee Station at Home

Love Coffee Create Your Very Own Coffee Station At Home

2. The *Creative Dressing Table* Coffee Station Table

Love Coffee Create Your Very Own Coffee Station At Home

3. Built-in Convenience Station Coffee Bar Ideas

Love Coffee Create Your Very Own Coffee Station At Home

4. Coffee Storage Box For Handy Kitchen Coffee Bar

Love Coffee Create Your Very Own Coffee Station At Home

If you are really out of space, a wooden coffee storage box would work great. This DIY coffee bar is compact but doesn’t let you miss out on having your best coffee experience. You can stack mugs, creamers/sugar/syrups in it. This is portable and convenient too.

5. Quirky Coffee Quotes

Coffee is the best way of starting/ending/continuing your day, and what’s better to go with it- A good coffee quote! Get your coffee bar a fun and quirky wall hanging or a chalkboard, where you write your own * thought/motivational quote for the day.” That way your station will soothe more than just one of your senses.

There’s nothing better than good brew at your home coffee bars, which are custom built to suit your style and coffee taste. Get your coffee bar together and bring friends over to swoon at how cute it looks!

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