Celebrating World Selfie Day- Kyunki Mai Apni Favourite Hoon!

“Mai Apni Favourite Hoon”; Celebrating Self-Love with World Selfie Day

When in doubt, point the camera at yourself, and capture the beauty that you are. That’s right, call us obsessed, weird, crazy or a self-ist; we love our selfies and you do to (don’t think we don’t know about your random clicks when no one’s watching! :P).

And on this #WorldSeflieDay, we celebrate the selfie culture rooted in each one of us. As per the last data set in 2016, there were more than 250 million selfies on Instagram alone. Now don’t get us wrong, excess of everything is bad and we know, but clicking a selfie or two each day ain’t hurtin’ us; rather it’s a great form of regaining self-esteem and body confidence.

Your camera does not judge you, even when you strike sexy, weird, crazy or sad poses. These are the only memories you have of yourself telling you just how much you’ve evolved over time. And no star was ever recognized until he was in the light, right?

Don’t think so? Think selfies don’t make you successful? What about Kim Kardashian who made herself a million-dollar brand just by giving in her best shots (Quite Literally) Or thousands of models, non-models who owe their business to selfie culture?

It’s not just about the money, the truth is we all want to be admired and accepted. Not just by other people, but sometimes ourselves too. And god knows selfie does bring a bit of self-love with it. Whether people accept or not, they do have charged negative emotions around their appearance. Most also do not like looking at themselves in photo. But by taking photos of yourself, you begin to “desensitize” that part of your brain which tells you that you’re too skinny, too fat, short, what not, and eventually, reach a place of neutrality toward your appearance; achieving acceptance is an important part of your body image journey.

“The selfie is so extensively captured in this generation because everybody uses it, and it enables them to be both introverted and extroverted at the same time, as if by magic. It connects them with the world,” said Metcalf, author of “From Skedaddle to Selfie: Words of the Generations.”
But selfies, by no means should be your source of seeking validation, and you should always know how much is too much. And by that we mean click photos but not just for your picture perfect social media.
Your photograph should make you feel good, not what people say about that photo. In life, you should always count our blessings and not your likes and followers. They do not measure your self-worth!

The idea behind selfies are simple, it is for you celebrating your beauty, growth, friends and family, while capturing memories; not for comparisons, likes, or validations or pressure to look a certain way. Selfies are like your real-life filters, reminding you to be proud of the person that you are.

So, happy World Selfie Day everyone! May your selfie game always be on-point *Amen*

World Selfie Day

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