Mosuo Tribe: A World where Only the Women Rule

Mosuo Tribe: A World where Only the Women Rule

Matriarchal supremacy still seems like a distant dream for many women across the world. History books contain many such pieces of evidence of repression and discrimination. They still remain suppressed under the pressure and prejudice of the patriarchal society. In the modern world, women are faced with discrimination and considered as the weaker sex. Reforms have been going on all across the world to fight against gender equality. However, one such tribe in the western Yunnan province of China, called the Mosuo, is proof of how these stereotypes can be broken.

The Mosuo tribe of China broke through the shackles of the mainstream patriarchal society and chosen to create one around women. It is thought to be one of the last matrilineal and matriarchal societies on the planet. The families, instead of being led by a man, are led by the grandmother. All the major decisions in the family are taken by the women and they are responsible for carrying the bloodline.

The Mosuo is ruled and governed completely by women. They are responsible for all the property, agricultural responsibilities, and running the household. The men are only required for strength, building, plowing, slaughtering animals, and repairing homes. Moreover, the men have no paternal responsibilities but it is not considered a taboo if the child of the father remains unknown. It is one such society where marriage does not exist and the only relationship that blossoms between a male and a female are that of love and enjoyment.

Things are, however, taking a turn for this Chinese tribe. To the younger generation, these ideas are coming across as outdated to the youth of the Mosuo tribe. They are trying to follow the “western” lifestyle and family life. Tourism is also flourishing in such areas which bring a new stream of thought for the younger people of the Mosuo. The women are still the backbone of the tribe and continue to dominate. The Musuo tribe can set a perfect example for the rest of the world!

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