The Mystery Behind the “Binod” Social Media Trend Unveiled!

The Mystery Behind the "Binod" Social Media Trend Unveiled

Hey, have you seen Binod? Yes, I’m talking about the man whose name has literally taken the social media world by storm! Well, as far as we know, Binod is definitely a “man of parts” according to the memers community. In fact, social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram are flooded with #BinodMemes.

Binod is like the new-age Mr. India of social media. You know he exists but you can’t see him! But, have you any idea what led to the creation of the “Binod social media buzz”? Let me break it down for you.

Who is Binod?

One fine day, the creators of the YouTube channel ‘Slayy Point’, Abhiyudaya and Gautami posted a video talking about illogical comments made under a plethora of YouTube videos that have no real meaning. The video that was released on July 15 was titled “Why Indian Comment Section is Garbage (BINOD)“.

They showed their subscribers a wide range of comments from various YouTube users that made absolutely no sense. While going through the comment section, netizens came across a YouTube user named Binod Tharu, who had just commented on his first name under one of the videos.

It naturally flummoxed the netizens and before anyone knew it, a meme on ” Binod” was born. And today, the Binod craze has reached new heights wherein anything and everything for the netizens is equivalent to Binod!

In case you’re excited to watch the video that led to creation of the “BINOD” social media trend, here it is:

Famous Tweets on #Binod:

Well, the common man isn’t the only one who’s enjoying the current Binod social media trend. Many famous twitter accounts such as that of Tinder, Mumbai Police, Netflix, Paytm, Swiggy, and Amazon Prime joined the trend and left everyone in splits. Don’t believe me? Then, check out these hilarious tweets!

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