National Nutrition Week: How to Stay Healthy While You Work from Home!

I think we can all agree with the fact that the work from home situation has turned the life of working professionals completely upside down. Their eating habits and sleeping habits have taken a turn for the worse. Furthermore, the lockdown has put a halt to the already limited exercise that we used to do. Although some professionals in the country have made some vital lifestyle changes during the lockdown, for others, their health has taken a back seat. The habit of sitting on a chair in one position for extended hours, munching on junk food while working, additional household responsibilities, and child care has led to severe health problems as well. A balanced diet, six to eight hours of undisturbed sleep, and adequate stress management are some basic techniques that can get your health back on track. As India celebrates the National Nutrition Week, let’s educate ourselves about some tips to stay healthy while working from home! 

  1. Hydration is the key to detoxifying your body and feeling more energetic. You can drink lime water, coconut water, smoothies, or just six to eight cups of plain water every day to stay hydrated. Furthermore, as we work from home, our caffeine intake surges. It’s advised that you stay away from caffeinated drinks, energy drinks, and soft drinks. 
  2. Who doesn’t love munching on their favorite snacks while they work from home? But most of the snacks we eat contain unhealthy fats such as trans fat that can harm your health. So, next time you feel yourself reaching out for a snack, choose healthier options such as Makhana, dry fruits, etc. over chips and other unhealthy snacks.
  3. Another habit that all of us have developed while working from home is, eating just one big meal and staying hungry for long hours. Therefore, by the time the meal hour arrives, we are so famished that we end up consuming more calories. That’s why it’s best that you eat small meals every few hours to control your calorie intake and hunger pangs. 
  4. Another pro tip to stay healthy during work from home is to eat balanced nutritious meals consisting of proteins, fibers, and healthy carbs. Such meals will not make you feel full for longer, but also keep you energetic throughout the day.
  5. Don’t you just love to pick up snacks from the junk aisle while grocery shopping? But you should avoid giving yourself junk food as a treat. Instead, go for healthier options such as dry fruits, fresh fruits, protein bars, etc. 

The best way to lead a healthier lifestyle as you work from home is to set your goals and be disciplined about them. Remember, what you eat today will affect your body tomorrow. Schedule a routine for yourself, eat your meals on time, include dairy in your everyday meals, and get six to eight hours of rest daily. Adopting healthier habits will not only get you the body of your dreams but also help you stay protected from various lifestyle diseases and other mental health problems. 

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