Netflix Now Streaming: Lazy Lifestyle and Poor Imagination!

Netflix Now Streaming: Lazy Lifestyle and Poor Imagination!

Netflix has undoubtedly made its special place in our hearts; especially with the ongoing global pandemic and the closure of cinema halls, it’s a breath of relief when you have a newer form of a movie ticket that lasts forever. But we fail to realize the fact that we’re not just paying money for the streaming of movies and shows. We’re also paying them our time, our sleep, our lifestyle because let’s face it: Have you ever been able to stop after one episode?

Whether it’s in the day, or the morning at 3, the concept of “binge-watching” has very well embedded itself into our minds. With so much content available to stream, increased screen time has now become normal. In case you’re wondering, this new “normal” has not increased the duration of the day but instead replaced the time we’d spend on fitness, eating proper meals, or even brainstorming.

When was the last time you put on your thinking caps and allowed your creative imagination to flow? When was the last time you heard the crying call of your muscles and neurons, begging you to move around, to solve a puzzle, for a physical and mental workout? Binge-watching until your eyeballs have popped of their sockets is strictly not okay. Your eyes can’t communicate with you, but you sure could be a responsible human to take care of them.

Watch Netflix moderately. Although the research on its effects is still in its infancy, is it worth the risk? A study in 2017 published that binge-watchers reported increased fatigue and insomnia, and poor sleep quality, along with unhealthy choices of snacks and meals, as a result of their binge-watching. There’s no harm in an occasional binge, but too much of anything can cause trouble. Kill your time wisely, watch some good content on Netflix, but at the same time spend some time with your loved ones. Don’t lose your real people for the reel ones on the screen.

On a concluding note, yes everything in this word has a pro and a con, and Netflix is one of them. Seeking entertainment is absolutely okay until of course, it starts to hamper your lifestyle. Netflix may be another tool to help you escape your chaotic life, but when you switch off the screen, you have to return eventually. So, instead of running away from it, try and make your life as beautiful as your favorite character’s life in Netflix’s program.

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