New Rules for Domestic Flight Passengers

New Rules for Domestic Flight Passengers

The travel and tourism industry has been the biggest casualty of the COVID’19 situation in the country. The industry was on halt for two months before it received some relief. One such relief was the operations of domestic flights that started from 25th May. Though airlines are back with 33% of their flights, the experience won’t be the same for the passengers. Due to various new regulations, the flyers will have to follow a new set of rules.

For our readers, we have the entire list of new rules and regulations at various stages below:

Before Entering The Airport

  • Passengers must download Arogya Setu App and activate it.
  • Thermal Screening of all passengers at the entrance.
  • Wearing a mask at all times in necessary.
  • It is mandatory to reach the airport two hours before boarding.

Before Boarding

  • Self-check-in portals for printing boarding passes or glass protected check-in counter
  • Following floor, markings to ensure social distancing.
  • Stamping of passes won’t be done.
  • Only 1 cabin bag and 1 check-in bag are allowed.
  • All passengers must collect safety kits near the boarding gate.
  • Passes will be collected by a machine.

In The Flight

  • Only one person must accompany a child/elderly to the toilet.
  • Limit bathroom usage and avoid queuing.
  • No reading material will be made available.
  • Only water will be provided, eating inside the flight is prohibited.


  • Passengers must be screed again.
  • Health regulations by the state will be followed.

Pricing Of Tickets

  • Pricing of tickets is based on categories formed according to flight time.
  • Price for the shortest journey is between 2000 – 6000 rupees.
  • Price for the longest journey is between 6500 – 19000 rupees.

With the new rules, the travel experience must certainly change for all of us, but we must remember that these rules are designed to save our lives. We advise you to avoid unnecessary travel and be cautious if you plan to travel in the near future.

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