Nomophobia: Fear of Being Away from your Phone Growing Among Youngsters

People around the world have a variety of phobias– from the fear of spiders, to the fear of heights, to the fear of death, enclosed spaces, and what not! There are bizarre varieties of phobias that people might face. These crop out from the negative experiences or panic attacks that can stem from a particular situation. Often phobias might be genetical or learned behaviour from your parents. Almost each and every individual has a fear– be it major or minor. What might be a fear for you might not impact someone else equally. These fears can often turn into severe anxiety and clash with the functioning of daily life. One of the most popular phobias that is increasingly affecting and growing amongst youngsters is Nomophobia.


It is the increasing fear of spending your life without a mobile phone. Phones have been deemed as a gadget very precious. Amongst youngsters, school students, or college students, there often persists a competition as to who owns the most expensive mobile phone. Texting and messaging apps have taken up the space that a face to face conversation would have used. Nomophobia was coined by the UK Post Office as an abbreviation term for “no-mobile-phone-phobia”. A study shows how 53 per cent of mobile phone users get anxious when they lose their phone, can’t find their phone or if it runs out of battery. The anxiety aroused from the fact that they might lose contact with their near and dear ones. The study noticed 2,163 people and it were concluded that 58 per cent men and 47 per cent women suffer from Nomophobia.


A good way to get yourself off Nomophobia is to balance your screen time, engage in conversations that do not require your phone, learning to stay away from mobile phone by as much as possible. You should not be under the influence of a device controlling you and your emotions. It can be harmful for you and your surroundings. Technology should always be kept in the position of a servant and not be given the authority of a master. Nomophobia can be managed with a few lifestyle changes and it will make your life easier.

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