Not Working is Equally Hard as Working: The Current Lives of Q and Z

Not Working is Equally Hard as Working The Current Lives of Q and Z

It’s been a rough year for many of us; while some people complain of the fact that their lives have been paused, others have made do with the reality and adapted their lifestyle to within their homes.

Q and Z are two best friends, both in their early-20s. While Q is a lady who’s just completed her graduation and has taken a sabbatical from life this pandemic, Z is a man who got hired right before the country shut down and is hustling every second to maintain the “Working for XYZ Company” status on his LinkedIn.

Z: Hey Q, its Sunday today! I can finally take a breath and watch time pass away. You’ve no idea how much I’ve longed for this day all week.

Q: Yeah yeah…you like your Sundays because it’s a 1/7th part of your week. You’ve no idea how it feels when its 7/7th part of your week.

Z: Really? I’d give anything for a Sunday that lasts longer a day! Sometimes, I feel they’re intentionally overworking us, especially me. I am a fresh nugget, and they probably know I am not leaving anytime soon. It’s just not fair.

Q: Hmm, I see. But Z, you fail to realize that you wake up with a purpose every morning, you’ve something to look forward to, every day. When it comes to me, there’s absolutely nothing that makes me want to get out of the bed. My body clock now follows the US time zone, and it’s just not right.

Z: But you tell me what am I supposed to do of this purpose that fetches me nothing but a paycheck? There’s no happiness in sight, it’s just “engagement”, or “flow” in your terms. I wake up, I work, I sleep. That’s it.

Q: Coming from a man who’s always believed in paycheck=happiness, that’s funny. Well, okay, maybe you’re re-adulting or something. Tell me, what is the one thing you wish to do if you had a longer Sunday?

Z: Sleep.

Q: Haha, okay, no mister. Sleep is a temporary variable for happiness.

Z: Temporary variable? Meaning?

Q: You’ll sleep one day, two days, max. three days. What next? Think again.

Z: Fine. I wish to take the whole self-care package you began your quarantine with. What happened to you and your pretty schedule?

Q: Well, I think I’m taking a sabbatical from a sabbatical. Good food, enough sleep, workout, and lil’ GRE prep were working out just fine until it wasn’t fine anymore. I got bored. You would, too.

Z: Maybe. Maybe not. I’ve hustled all these months, that I’ve all the more determination to look after myself right now. Maybe, it’s time. You, ma’am, need to begin with switching to the Indian time zone.

Q: That’s a task. My life jumps between extremes, it’s either the perfect kind, or it jumps straight down to the worst kind. My eye bags represent the black hole and my bat wings have arrived; the walk from my room to the kitchen has become longer. Sigh.

Z: Why don’t you look for an internship? Not only would it fix your time zone issues, but also give you a reason to wake up in the morning. A purpose.

Q: Maybe, but honestly, if you were to ask me 5 years from now, what’d I do in my quarantine sabbatical, I’d hate to give an answer like yours. “I hustled, all day, every day.”

Z: Ouch.

Q: Look, work, but don’t overwork yourself. You’re a part of the rat race, and I’m yet to dip my toes, agreed. But this time that you have now, it is not coming to your doorstep anytime soon. I’m not saying eat sleep repeat but, work on your personal growth. Develop habits you’ve always wanted to, learn how to speak German perfectly, learn how to cook! Do all the things you couldn’t do before, but we aren’t pausing like this, ever again. Unless, of course, the bat decides to poop at the wrong place again.

Z: Haha, nice one. Maybe you’re right. Wow. This is an eye-opener I feel.

Q: Turns out, lecturing you gave me a reality check, again. It’s time I step out of my bad extreme. I think I’m going to get back to my original sabbatical now!

Z: Well, I suppose it’s time for me to take a break from work. This pandemic was uncalled for, and it’s only fair the decisions we make during this time, are uncalled for as well.

Q and Z figured it out, it’s time you do too!

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