What are The People Saying about the Population Control Bill?

What are The People Saying about the Population Control Bill?

The Population Control Bill which was proposed in Rajya Sabha has been gaining a lot of popularity among people in the past few days. With #populationcontolbill trending on Twitter, the citizens can’t seem to stop talking about it. Before we move forward with what the citizens have to say, let us explore the meaning of this law.

As the name states the purpose of the bill is to control the population growth of India. The Bill was introduced by Anil Desai in Feb 2020. The population bill suggested an amendment of the Article 47A of the Constitution of India stated that -“The State shall promote small family norms by offering incentives in taxes, employment, education, etc. to its people who keep their family limited to two children and shall withdraw every concession from and deprive such incentives to those not adhering to the small family norm, to keep the growing population under control.” Earlier a similar bill was introduced in 2019 by Sinha which talks about “introducing penalties for couples not adhering to the two-child policy such as debarment from contesting in elections and ineligibility for government jobs.”

Both the 2019 and 2020 proposals are not yet approved by the government and haven’t been passed yet, still, the citizens cannot stop talking about it. We don’t know what started it, but we can surely give you a little insight into the views on the topic. Just like everything else, this act by the government is also gathering mixed opinions from different segments of society. Let us assess the arguments of the supporters and the opponents one by one.

The Supporters describe this move as the need of the hour and are supporting the Population Control Bill on the grounds of the problems that overpopulation causes. The problems are namely Unemployment, manpower utilization, pressure on infrastructure, resource utilization, decreased production and increased costs, inequitable income distribution, and poverty as well as Illiteracy. The supporters believe that the law will be able to eradicate all these problems and pave the way for India to reach its true potential.

The opponents on the other hand view Population Control Law as inhumane and against their right to plan their family. The opponents firmly believe that it is just a tactic by the government to reduce the population of the minorities giving an undue advantage to the majority. It is being used in combination with the citizenship act and is believed to be against secularism. Some, also believe that India is on its way to becoming the new China, a country where the government decides everything.

Hearing both sides of the picture, you might have formed an opinion. Feel free to share the same in the comments or on social media. This Law is not something that can be ignored.

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