Portals To Hell: 10 World’s Most Haunted Places

Portals To Hell 10 World’s Most Haunted Places

We might be skeptical of the existence of the paranormal world. But, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Be it the random cries and shrieks from the empty corridors, abandoned and haunted places, or endless exorcism stories, there is a realm beside ours that we have occasional encounters with; and the experience is literally soul gripping.

Want to know more about spirits? These top haunted places in the world will run chills down your spine:

1. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

Portals To Hell 10 Worlds Most Haunted Places

The Asylum is located in West Virginia, but it closed its operations back in 1994. Thousands of people with mental health conditions died in this hospital. At one point in time, the Asylum hoarded patients to as much as 2,400 for a place that could accommodate just 250. They also tormented and tortured people. As a result, their troubled souls still haunt the vicinity. From strange cries to flickering flashlights, humanly figures have been caught on camera here, making people wonder if this abandoned hospital is a portal to hell?

2. Jazirat Al Hamra, United Arab Emirates

Portals To Hell 10 Worlds Most Haunted Places

This place looks frozen in time and is coated with a layer of ochre desert sand. But an air of chill and unsettlement runs through the entire area. As soon as you step here, you will know that something is not right! Jazirat Al Hamra was a town that was established in the 1830s and it suddenly ran out of life in 1968. The city is desolated now with abandoned houses, mosques, and the presence of djinns, who are nautical spirits.

3. Hill Of Crosses, Lithuania

Portals To Hell 10 Worlds Most Haunted Places

The site is magnificent and laments on the Lithuanian independence struggle along with the rebels who fought during that time. With more than 100,000 crosses crowded together, the place much cryptic. The vision of saints and ghosts are reported from these sites regularly.

4. Emily Morgan Hotel, San Antonio

Portals To Hell 10 Worlds Most Haunted Places

The gothic-style building adds to the spookiness of Emily Morgan Hotel. The hotel has quite an extensive past; it started operating as a medical facility, that also accommodated a morgue and psychiatric ward.

However, that was yesteryears, however, the visitors and staff of this hotel still report random noises, inhibitions, and the feeling of being held or touched when no one’s around.

5. Door To Hell, Turkmenistan

Portals To Hell 10 Worlds Most Haunted Places

This is a fiery crater burning in the Karkum Desert since 1971. The soviet drills punched a hole in the ground deep enough to collapse a massive area and open a “door to hell,” as stated by the locals. Since then, the place has been of great tourist significance, who can proudly claim that they “came back from the door to hell.”

6. Paris Catacombs, France

Portals To Hell 10 Worlds Most Haunted Places

Just beneath the pretty streets of Paris, run the catacombs in parallel, stories of which have been spine-chilling. As per famous spooky stories, in the early 1990s, a group of researchers was walking through these haunted catacombs, and they stumbled across a video camera. To their surprise, the camera had some pre-recorded footage that showed disturbing noises. The man who recorded the video happened to be lost, and it is unknown if he’s dead or alive to date.

7. Eastern State Penitentiary, United States

Portals To Hell 10 Worlds Most Haunted Places

The place smells of morbidity — pain, trauma, and dying. The Philadelphia prison is among the most haunted places in the USA and the world. Although the “prison behind the walls” makes the paranormal here look made-up, the real ghost sightings and screams haven’t been overshadowed by anything.

8. Isla De Las Munecas – The Island Of  The Dolls, Mexico 

Portals To Hell 10 Worlds Most Haunted Places

The folklore is that the caretaker of the island found a little girl that drowned in the lake, and her doll too, which was floating around. In remembrance of the girl’s spirit, he hung her toy to a tree, and this is when the horror began. The girl’s spirit began torturing him, and to please her; he began putting more dolls on trees.

After 50 years of hanging dolls in different trees of the island, the caretaker was found dead and drowned in the same spot as the girl did.

9. Bhangarh Fort, India 

Portals To Hell 10 Worlds Most Haunted Places

Bhangarh Fort has made it to the list of most haunted places in the world several times. It is quite a magnificent historical site built in the 17th century, but in the depth of the fort, spirits await. The tale goes as Princess Ratnavati, who lived here, caught tantric Singhia, and he tried to win her through dark magic. But the princess refused and made the tantric succumb under his vicious spell. The tantric placed a curse on the town before he died, which led to its destruction.

This is the probable reason people report heavy paranormal influence that lurks around the corners of the fort.

10. Hanging Coffins, Philippines

Portals To Hell 10 Worlds Most Haunted Places

The Filipino tribe that hangs the deceased from the cliff makes for a strange and unusual sight. This in-air cemetery makes a scary and spooky sight-seeing, which attracts thousands of visitors yearly.

These were some of the most haunted places, hosting the afterlife that’s unknown to us. If you want to push your guts and have a glimpse of the world of the dead, these places can get you best acquainted. But, what if you go too far, far to the point of no returning?

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