Public Speaking Reduces Anxiety and Not Cause It?

Public Speaking Reduces Anxiety and Not Cause It?

If you thought public speaking can only contribute to anxiety then you aren’t the only one thinking that. But it turns out we have had the wrong perception all along. Practicing public speaking can help with diverse mental health issues ranging from depression to anxiety. This, however, is not a straightforward process, where you go to the stage and your life changes forever, it is a process which can be best practiced with the help of a therapist. To get an idea about how public speaking can help reduce anxiety, read further.

There are various kinds of therapeutic options available to a person going through mental health-related issues. Though some of the options like Psychoanalysis are long, expensive and involve exploring your past, others like Cognitive Therapy are quite cheap and short term. We are not going to go into all types of therapy but focus on one rather interesting one.

Fixed role therapy can be defined as, a brief, constructivist therapy in which the patient is supposed to enact a character which is drafted by the therapist to portray an alternative identity for a fixed period. In this type of treatment, the patient is asked to fill a form with all his favorable and unfavorable attributes and according to the personal characteristics, the Doctor forms the Role. Based on the personal characteristics of an individual, the therapist creates a sketch that has to be enacted by the patient for a period of 2 weeks. A shy person can be given a sketch of a person that exhilarates confidence, to get a different perspective on things.

There are other forms of therapies that encourage a person to do things out of their comfort zone. Behavioral Modification Therapy might involve asking a person to face his/her fear, in this case, public speaking to cope with the same and the underlying anxiety.

Social psychology also believes that talking and sharing reduce mental stress. These studies and more, prove that making a person to deal with fear can provide scope for him/her to identify and cope with other interrelated problems. Simply saying, effective public speaking cannot just land you great opportunities, but also is good to drastically reduce your anxiety.

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