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Nowadays, since the quarantine has started the Hindu Mythology epics “Ramayana” & “Mahabharata” are coming on our childhood TV channels Doordarshan. We all know the re-telecast of “Ramayana” has impacted the TV ratings of the channel, especially with the new generation taking more interest which has resulted in breaking all the records of the highest TV rating by a show since 2015.

So related to the popular mythology, we have brought you a quiz and see how well you know and have watched the show.

  1. What was the name of Lord Ram’s mother?
    (a) Kunti
    (b) Kaushalya
    (c) Kaikeyi
    (d) Sumitra
  2. What was the name of Laxman’s mother?
    (a) Kunti
    (b) Kaushalya
    (c) Urmila
    (d) Sumitra
  3. Rama is the avatar of which God?
    (a) Shiva
    (b) Vishnu
    (c) Bharma
    (d) Krishna
  4. How many siblings does Ravan had?
    (a) 3
    (b) 4
    (c) 6
    (d) 8
  5. Which demon helped Ravan in abducting Sita?
    (a) Mareech
    (b) Surpanakha
    (c) Kumbhkaran
    (d) Bakasura
  6. Which bird tried to prevent Sita from Ravan while he was abducting her?
    (a) Jatayu
    (b) Garuda
    (c) Vibhishan
    (d) Sugriv
  7. In which garden did Ravan put Sita in his custody?
    (a) Panchvati
    (b) Kokilavan
    (c) Ashokvan
    (d) Lanka
  8. From which guru did Ram received his education?
    (a) Archarya Drona
    (b) Rishi Vashishtha
    (c) Rishi Vishwamitra
    (d) Rishi Ved Vyas
  9. What was the name of Ravan’s vehicle?
    (a) Indrasan
    (b) Pushpak Viman
    (c) Garuda
    (d) Nandi
  10. Which sibling of Ravan joined and helped Ram in his siege?
    (a) Vibhishan
    (b) Meghnath
    (c) Kumbhkaran
    (d) Aksh Kumar
  11. To which kingdom Sugriv and Bali belong to?
    (a) Mithila
    (b) Ayodhya
    (c) Kishkinda
    (d) Lanka
  12. Who kidnapped Ram and Laxman?
    (a) Kumbhkaran
    (b) Indrajit
    (c) Ahiravan
    (d) Makardhwaj
  13. Name the son of Lord Hanuman?
    (a) Aksh Kumar
    (b) Makardhwaj
    (c) Meghnath
    (d) Ravan
  14. Who had the curse of sleeping for 6 months in a stretch?
    (a) Indrajit
    (b) Kumbhkaran
    (c) Ahiravan
    (d) Ravan
  15. Which Lord send his rath(chariot) to help Rama in war?
    (a) Lord Indra
    (b) Lord Vishu
    (c) Lord Sun
    (d) Lord Bharmha

How many do you think you got right?

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