Rapid Fire: 10 Questions that Every Social Media Influencer Hates!

Rapid Fire: 10 Questions that Every Social Media Influencer Hates!

Influencer? You probably might have lakhs of subscribers but there are few annoying questions from the followers that literally pierce right through the heart, right? Here are 10 questions that every social media influencer/content creator gets past with boiling blood and if you aren’t one, avoid asking them at all.

Question 1: Aap toh bohot ameer hoge, Itna travel karne ka paisa kaha se aata hai?

Influencer: Okay, if I look rich enough, mission accomplished! But, the reality is that not all trips are free. In most cases, we have our portion of expenses too. Moreover, this ‘Travelling’ is actually NOT for enjoyment, we work hard to get content. In fact, we need to get approvals for videos. We are constantly planning shoots and modifying content to bring out the best. Trust me, unless you have a sugar daddy, nobody is paying you to travel for free and enjoy.

Question 2: Audi ka campaign kiya! Car mili kya?

Influencer: Seriously? Do you think we’ll get a car for a shoot? Kon faila raha hai ye? Baant te nahii hain car company wale. In fact, in most cases the compensation is quite low. Haan, in some campaign we get the goodies from the companies and they even have a cap. So, NO! We don’t get to keep the plushest accessories. We need to spend our blood and flesh to get it like any of you.

Question 3: Itna saara free ka khana, aish hai aapki toh!

Influencer: Haan haan, kar ke dekho! If you think that blogging is just about free food…dude, you are so mistaken. It’s literally hours of planning and tons of photography tricks that go into making the food look mouth-watering. You have to stand out with the same food everybody is showing on their profile. We have to plan extensively before we actually shoot. Different angles, props, settings and a lot more. Free ka khana is not really for FREE, I swear.

Question 4: Isse paise kitne milte hain? Achha kama lete ho?

Influencer: Yeah right, after convincing my family, now I have to convince you right? Duh! Starting mein nahi milte. You need to have a real good fan base to get profit making projects. You need to get quality followers (genuine, of course). It’s very much like being a celebrity. If people like you and your content, it will sell for higher price. No brainer there!

Question 5: Yeh full time karne se guzara ho jata hai?

Influencer: Nahi bhai, part time mandir ke aage baithte hain! Seriously, when will you guys accept that this is an actual profession? This is not something that you can do without devoting time. It takes proper planning. You don’t actually create good quality content just by chance.

Question 6: Mehnat hi kitni lagti hai? Take a phone and begin, it will rain cash!

Influencer: Okay, don’t blame me if I KNOCK you down. But honestly, try taking your phone and try making content pieces yourself. You need lighting, reflectors, chroma, outfit, makeup, camera, recording system and what not! More than that, you need endless pre-production strategies like the master concept, idea, scripts, storyboarding, framing and even floor plans. You thought it was halwa? Ya, right!

Question 7: Just one video is taken down na, koi ni, dobara bana lena!

Influencer: How would you feel if your efforts and hard work at your job are trashed? Will it hit hard? That’s exactly how it feels when you dedicatedly put your efforts after rigorous research, spine breaking shooting and sleep-less nights of editing. It’s wrong to attack any content just because ‘Achha nhi hai’ or ‘Iska content mujhse better kyun chal raha hai?’ Think about it.

Question 8: Poore time camera lekar hu ghoomte ho kya?

Influencer: Haan, we look like marine divers in real life. Unke kandhe par oxygen cylinder hota hai, Humare par camera hota hai, kyuki wo oxygen ke bina marr jayenge aur hum selfies ke bina, what rubbish! Do you think we click snaps while on a date, at a funeral or having sex? Pagal toh nahi ho tum log?

Question 9: Off hoga tumhara ghr pade rahte ho!

Influencer: Haan ji zaroor, paise ghar baithe hi toh milte hain. Creativity is not 9 to 5 job. We are thinking every minute. Since creating worthy content is all about the idea, most of our time goes there. In fact, during the lockdown, most of you guys might not be working but we had to alter our plans according to the restrictions Most of the companies stopped collabs and for those that continued, we had to alter our plans and work up a different strategy that is safe and contact-less. Kyuki nahi kiya, toh gaye followers. So challenge was WORK + LIMITED RESOURCES + NO CONTENT FROM OUTSIDE+ APPROVALS. Easy! haina?

Question 10: Yaar itni happening life hai aapki. Kaash hume bhi itne sookh milte!

Influencer: Haan bhai, khushi ki devi ka vardaan hai hume, ghum choo bhi nhi sakta. Internal laughing gas hai humare ander. Hum breakup par bhi hanste hain, even if our limbs are amputated we laugh. Kaise kaise sawaal aate hain tumhare mann me. Even we have challenges and things that put us off, (jaise ye sab sawal) and much more. Like any other NORMAL human being, we have our highs and lows but we try to keep you guys entertained keeping away the stress and our personal problems away. So you now that you have answers directly from social media celebs, we hope the ‘myths’ are busted. By the way, ye bhi content hai and create kiya gaya hai. So dekh kya rahe ho? Like share comment and subscribe!

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