Rare Photos from History – Likely Seen Before

Bill Gates mug shot after being caught for driving without a license.

One of the first computers ever made, the ENIAC. 

Made in the USA

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates having a chat over the future computers

Circa 1991

The founders of Harley Davidson Motorcycles: William Harley and Arthur Davidson


Young Bill Clinton meets John F. Kennedy

The First McDonald’s

Circa, 1937

The launch of WINDOWS 95

Osama Bin Laden with his family in Sweden, Circa 1970

Osama is standing 2nd from right in green pullover.

Recording of the MGM lion. Audio and Visual. The shoot was done with a trained lion.

Till now the same recording is used with some modifications, without any animation.

Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee

The original “STAR WARS” cast before they started shooting for the films

ROBIN WILLIAMS dressed as a cheerleader during the 1980s

TITANIC, before it sank

Circa, 1912

Gas Mask wedding during epidemic

Miyakejima, Japan

Barack Obama with his high school Basket Ball team

Albert Einstein at Nassau Point,

Long Island, New York in 1939

Adolf Hitler as the best man in Joseph Goebbels’ Wedding

Siberian Bear Hunting Suit fro the 1800’s when no weapons were available

Queen Elizabeth during her World War 2 Service

Mohammed Ali convinces a man against committing suicide,

Circa 1981

Mother cries as she puts her children up for sale due to food drought-hit, Chicago, 1948

Music legends Madonna, Sting & Tupac


The last known Tasmanian Tiger clicked in 1993.

They are now extinct


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