Restrictions May Partially be Eased Post April 20 Evaluation: PM Modi

Restrictions May Partially be Eased Post April 20 Evaluation: PM Modi

PM Narendra Modi who address the nation said that restrictions may partially be eased in parts of the country post-April 20,2020. The evaluation will be done depending on how people abide by the lockdown rules and assessing the potential places turning into COVID-19 hotspots.

In light of the increasing number of coronavirus cases, our Prime Minister extended the 21-day nationwide lockdown, till May 3. “For the next seven days, every town, every police station, every district, every state will be evaluated on how much the lockdown precautions are being followed. Regions will be monitored to check how they are protecting themselves from the coronavirus. Areas that do not fall in the hot-spot category, neither have the potential of turning into one may be allowed to begin essential activities from April 20,” the Prime Minister said.

PM Modi also listed a six-point charter for citizens to follow in the fight against the novel coronavirus. He emphasized on the following important aspects.

  • The well-being of elderly people, especially the ones who have a history of illnesses.
  • He urged people to follow social distancing, stay at home unless it is required to go outside, and wear homemade masks if going out to buy essentials or medicines.
  • Laid extra emphasis on immunity saying “Follow the instructions of Ministry of AYUSH. Drink hot water, Brew (Kaarda) continuously,” the PM said.
  • He asked the citizens to download Aarogya Setu mobile app to fight against COVID-19 effectively.
  • He specifically asked companies and businesses not to sack their employees at such a trying time.
  • Lastly, he asked citizens to pay utmost respect to those at the forefront in the fight against coronavirus which includes, doctors, nurses, policemen, and sanitation workers.

In addressing the public, the PM was assertive and pleaded people to safeguard themselves and our nation, and fight the battle against coronavirus collectively. The CM of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, also made his statement about the extension of a 21-day lockdown. “PM has taken the correct decision to extend lockdown. Today, India’s position is better than in many developed countries because we started lockdown early. If it is stopped now, all gains would be lost, “he said.

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