Reversal of Chronic Diseases by ACLM

Reversal of Chronic Diseases by ACLM

There has been an unsustainable rise of chronic diseases across the globe, with Type2 diabetes topping the charts as a looming global pandemic. The Covid19 situation has also acted as a wake-up call on the state of our health, disparities and faults in the health-care systems around. Lack of healthcare facilities to cope with the worsening pandemic has left us not only blindsided but also vulnerable to the virus. Thereby, the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) has launched a national campaign in response to the ongoing situation, to promote the choice of “lifestyle medicine” for the treatment and reversal of chronic diseases.

Chronic diseases are a leading cause of death and disability, especially in the United States. 86% of health care expenditures are directed towards the treatment of chronic disease. Yet, all health care systems focus more on “chronic disease management” rather than “health restoration” mindset, as a result of which, many patients out there are unaware of Lifestyle Medicine, especially when a majority of these diseases are caused to unhealthy life choices.

Lifestyle Medicine involves the use of a plant-predominant, whole-food lifestyle, regular physical workouts, restorative sleep and rest, along with stress management, and avoidance of alcohol consumption or other risky substances, and a positive environment as a therapeutic method of treating and reversing chronic disease. The interventions necessary for the success of this treatment are not limited to clinical but also public-health interventions. Example of these interventions includes targeting on patient behaviors are eliminating the use of tobacco, maintaining mental and emotional well-being etc.

The national campaign by ACLM will hopefully be successful in spreading the word of Lifestyle Medicine, especially to those whose lives could be changed for the good by opting the same, which why the effective implementation of the same should be made a priority in the current health care facilities and public health policies. You could also reach out to their website for more information on the same.

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