Rolls-Royce Shifts Focus from Automotive Industry to Honey Production

What comes to your mind when you hear the luxury name, Rolls-Royce? It is one of the most luxurious and breath-taking car manufacturers in the world. But did you have any idea that the BMW-owned Rolls Royce Motors has recently started ‘the world’s most exclusive honey’ production? Didn’t know right? A recent news comes to the fore fresh from the BMW Blog. The report says the British luxury automobile maker has started focusing on honey production, amid the current COVID-19 crisis.

Image Credit: BMW Blog

In this outrageous situation, many companies and manufacturers are looking for additional options to keep their businesses running. There are many companies that are using their resources to produce masks and sanitizers. Some alcohol companies are turning their production lines towards sanitizer production. Following the same idea, the British carmaker is also aiming to do something different and quite interesting.

Rolls Royce is focussing its energy and resources on the production of honey and the company likes to call it ‘the world’s most exclusive honey’. Based in Goodwood, West Sussex, United Kingdom, the Rolls-Royce apiary was set up back in 2017. In a bid to help conserve the Britain’s bee population, the company is harvesting honey on its 42-acre apiary where an army of 250,000 English Rolls-Royce honey bees are living in six beehives and working on the honey production, non-stop.

Image Credit: BMW Blog

As per reports, each traditional wooden beehive comes decorated with a polished stainless steel nameplate that comes straight from the company’s Bespoke workshop. Fives hives are named after each premium flagship product – ‘Phantom’, ‘Wraith’, ‘Ghost’, ‘Dawn’ and ‘Cullinan,’ while the last one being carried the name of the ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’.

But unfortunately, there are no option to buy a bottle of Rolls Royce pure honey as the honey is not being sold commercially but rather served to the company’s guests and customers who travel to Goodwood to configure or take the delivery of their car.

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