Russia Releases a 40 Minute Long Video Flaunting their Most Powerful Hydrogen Bomb

There has been a persisting long-running nuclear race between the super powers of the world to like the United States and Russia. Each and every individual country has always wanted to come up with the most powerful bomb in the entire world. The United States was the first country among all to come up with one by the name Trinity Test in the year 1945. It was tested and was successful. However, Russia was unable to cope and come up with an equally destructive bomb. The most powerful bombs like ‘Fat Man’ and ‘Little Boy’ are too big enough to be used in war.


Recently, Russia and their nuclear energy agency, Rosatom, came up with the world’s most powerful hydrogen bomb. They released the 40-minute long video showing the detonation of the bomb and they called it Tsar Bomba or Tsar’s bomb. Tsar’s bomb first set off in October 30th, 1961 and the explosion was considered to be extremely destructive. In fact, it was said that it can cause a more wide-spread destruction than the bomb that wreaked havoc in Hiroshima Nagasaki in 1945. Tsar’s bomb was tested for the first time over Novaya Zemlya, an archipelago in Arctic Ocean. The video showed large explosions equivalent to 50 million tons of TNT. Rosatom released the entire video capturing every single detail and specification of the bomb.


The video shows the nuclear bomb from Russia being released from the plane with a parachute attached to it. The countdown began as soon as it happened and when it reached an altitude of 4,000, it exploded creating a mushroom cloud above it. Reports say that the bomb weighs over 27 tonnes and is around 26 feet long. Russia released the documentary on the 75th anniversary of Russia’s atomic industry. It is a spectacle to see how the country is competing to be the country with the most powerful weapon.

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