Safest Places to Visit Post COVID-19

Safest Places to Visit Post COVID-19

The good food, aesthetic locations, free time, and lovely people are only a few of the perks of a vacation. Sadly this summer we weren’t able to reap any benefits of a vacation due to COVID-19. We were forced to cancel the summer trips that we looked forward to the entire year. As sad as this might be, there is nothing that could be done now for the times that have passed. The only thing we can do is look forward to the future. The restrictions will soon be lifted and we’ll be able to compensate for the lost time.

Your major concern while planning a trip post lockdown would be your safety. We know how much you love your health and we have curated a list of destinations that are not only safe to travel to, but also mesmerising.

1. Vietnam


The country that reported only 332 cases of coronavirus with no deaths would be the perfect travel destination for you post lockdown. The country plans to lift international travel restrictions in a few days. So, as soon as you get the chance you could dive just in. The peaceful country has no place that is not worth visiting, but still, we will list down our top three picks.

  • Ha Long Bay
  • Hanoi
  • Ha Chi Minh City

2. Greece


Greece is one of the least COVID -19 affected European countries. It started its fight against COVID early and as a result, has 50 times less COVID cases than any other European country. The country is full of beautiful places to explore, we suggest the following locations.

  • Preveza
  • Corfu
  • Santorini

3. New Zealand

New Zealand

The lush green island country located in the Australian continent could be the ideal destination post-COVID. The serene beauty of the place will take your breath away while coronavirus won’t be able to. Our top picks in the country would be.

  • Bay of Islands
  • Milfrid Sound
  • Auckland

4. Portugal


Portugal was one of the few countries that was not badly affected by the terrors of COVID-19. The southern European country already plans to lift restrictions to allow tourism in the country. The safest and most beautiful places to visit in the country are.

  • Azores Islands
  • Alenteo
  • Algarve

5. Thailand


One of the favourite foreign destinations for Indians would be another safe place to travel post lockdown. With the stats of new cases COVID at zero, the country seems to have it together. As the conditions further improve you look forward to planning a budget-friendly trip to one of the following destinations.

  • Phuket
  • Bangkok
  • Ko Samui

6. Barbados


The country that allowed local tourism back in May has now come up with an ‘Island Jam’ to promote tourism. The island country with only 96 confirmed cases of COVID could be the perfect place to get tanned post lockdown. Our top picks for this country would be.

  • Bridgetown
  • Holetown
  • Saint Lawrence Gap

Now you know where you need to get distressed post this post lockdown. So, what are you waiting for? Go online and shop for your next trip. Don’t forget to keep an eye on various international travel-related restrictions.

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