Our Sword of Silver Ions to Fight the Coronavirus

Our Silver Sword to Fight the Coronavirus!

Silver is not just a metal which is used to make beautiful jhumkas and paayal, its mysterious healing properties will allure you too. Do you know why the rich and royals of our society prefer eating in silverware? Well, yes, of course one of the reasons is to brag about one’s wealth. But, it’s also because of the ability of silver to kill germs. The antimicrobial or germ killing properties of silver have been well-documented in ancient Indian texts. In fact, silver is used to coat surgical equipment and wound dressings to prevent the spread of pathogens. One famous silver chemical, known as Silver Sulfadiazene, is used to kill bacteria on the skin of burn victims and help in skin growth. Among its many other uses, silver is used to treat bone infections and regenerate damaged tissue. The possibilities of using silver for medicinal purposes are endless. Underscoring its healing properties, Director of GermiGo, Rushang Shah has highlighted its potential use in treating coronavirus. GermiGo is a brand which specializes in hygiene essentials and the technology of extraction of micro silver particles to aid in sanitization procedures. According to Rushang Shah, silver ion particles can help disrupt the cell regeneration process in coronavirus, and thereby, prevent its spread. Shah further added that sanitization products with silver ions can be 20 times more effective than the ones currently available in the market.

The Silver Mechanism of Disinfection:

Silver ion primarily works by entering the bacterial cell wall and inhibiting the metabolic pathways and bacterial replication process. It further blocks the respiratory system of bacteria and thereby kills 99.9% of the germs.

Further research is being carried out to prove the effectiveness of silver as a disinfecting agent for coronavirus. However, beware that it is not to be consumed under any circumstance, or you can face dire consequences.

While the world is racing against time to find a cure to the deadly coronavirus, some age-old remedies and social distancing can be our personal bodyguards. Only time will tell how much longer our fight against coronavirus will go on. But the coronavirus may try to sway us all it wants, we shall not fall weak!

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