Smartphones Give Rise to Laziness and Sedentary Lifestyle Among UK Citizens

Laziness and smartphones go hand in hand. When you are immersed in your phone, you forget about the surroundings and you lose all sense of time. Productivity, consequently, goes for a toss. People tend to spend most of their productive hours browsing through their phones, binge—watching TV series, spending hours on YouTube and Instagram. It is quite evident that smartphones have caused our productivities to drop. It has been found that people who are in their smartphones all day are more inclined towards a sedentary lifestyle than light users. Heavy usage of smartphones has also shown to be harmful and have negative effects on their daily activity.


Even though smartphones make our lives easier, they are not that easy on our health. A study was conducted to measure the levels of sedentary lifestyle among adults. It was concluded that between the year 2002 and 2017, there has been a 22 per cent rise in such behaviour in the UK. According to the study, age groups between 35 and 44 are leading the change and the tendency of a sedentary lifestyle is more inclined towards adults. Alongside UK, France took the longest jump in the increase in this lifestyle from 17.8 per cent. Whereas, Germany saw an increase in 7.4 per cent, Spain saw 3.9 per cent, and Italy saw a jump of 0.2 per cent.


Smartphones have given way to inactivity which has in turn increased Type-2 diabetes, cancer, and other life-threatening health conditions. People have been missing out on their gym and exercising hours as they spend more time on their phones. When usage of phones are compared between genders, it is seen that 52.2 per cent males in Europe sit with their phones for four-and-a-half hours and 49.5 per cent women spend the same hours. Children are also becoming prey to the device and scientists have suggested that they reduce their screen time to 90 minutes to prevent getting obese. Smartphones are definitely a boon on us, but its effect on our lives is not what we anticipated. Sedentary lifestyle should be put aside along without phones and a regular, healthy lifestyle should be adopted.

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