Social Media Detox: We’ve Forgotten How to be “In the Moment”

We are too haughty to admit that we are addicted to social media in one way or another. It is the first thing we look at after we wake up, and also indulge ourselves in hours of meaningless scrolling throughout the day. Don’t get us wrong, use of social media is fun, informative, and engaging, but it quickly turns into an addiction and a trivia before you even know, and this just leaves us feeling exhausted.

It does make us dysfunctional in ways we thought it would rather empower us. Do you realize how inconsiderate and socially awkward we have become as a result of online conversations that happen daily? Face-to-Face conversations have been replaced by texts, and our emotions by emojis that may be fun, but do not replicate how we really feel.
“Do I really need a detox? I don’t think I am “addicted” to social media.”

Go ahead, and uninstall it all together and see how long you can go before you reinstall it. This might make you think “Alright, I may be addicted, but what exactly will a social media detox do to me?“

Social Media Detox
Here’s the catch, we aren’t proposing a total escape from the virtual world, but just recommending to reduce the time you dedicate to it. You’ll be surprised by how much more you can do during that spare time. Moreover, when our mind isn’t invested in comparing how our life sucks as compared to “this YouTuber who bought his own house”, or anyone else showing off their pricey possessions, or just how much fun they are having; we feel more at peace with ourselves and find time for things and people that actually matter.

Think about how our grandparents say that we aren’t living a real life? We are definitely comforted with the leverage technology has given us, but still, it is true to some extent that we are living in a ‘made-up’ social media world. Social media has run us into a frenzy where everyone wants attention but no one is prepared for the negativity that comes with it; people run into depression, anxiety and before you know it, it gets too much.
Being in the moment

Social Media Detox
When was the last time you were “in the moment” and completely felt it? Our impulse to anything beautiful that we see is to capture a photo of it, just because we want to cherish it for later. But what about the fleeting moment of NOW?

Also, the things we do shouldn’t be for our own sake and not the social media audiences? Going on a trip with the family to try and enjoy new things, and click some pictures can be amazing, but traveling just to get good photos for your social feeds is plainly sad unless you are a travel blogger who makes a living from it.
If you think social media ‘abusers’ aren’t addicted to the internet, read what Chamath Palihapitiya, Facebook’s former vice president for user growth, has said, “The short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops that we have created are destroying how society works.”

Getting A Social Media Detox: Here’s How?

Like we said, deactivating all your social media apps and keeping your phone aside isn’t going to work. Rather, reduce the frequency at which you check your feeds. Dedicate a fixed time when you will be online, and stay committed to not extend your app-usage time.

Turn off social media push notifications on your phone as fewer notifications on your screen will lead to lesser temptation, and you will be able to go on the app as per your scheduled social media time, as mentioned above.

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Know the reason why you are on a particular app, and think about whether spending excess time on it adds value to your life or is in sync with your goals?
Our modern lives have given us the convenience of social media for reaching out to people whenever we want, but it also has its own downsides that we need to address, and move forward to create a needed balance between the virtual world and the reality.

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