Some of the Most Unbelievable Experiences by Paranormal Investigators

Unbelievable Experiences of Paranormal Investigators

Are you one of those who love a good horror story, but find all these horror movies have failed to cater to your thrust, then you are in for a treat. I have two paranormal stories lined up for you which are not just tales but real-life experiences. And guess what, these paranormal activities happened only miles away from you!

Unbelievable Experiences of Paranormal Investigators

How a doctor couldn’t heal his wounds

It all started when a doctor who believed nothing but science, decided to play the Ouija board on a wasted night. When nothing happened after several tries, he called ghosts a hoax. He went on with his life until two days after the party he woke up with three wounds on his right arm bleeding. He was stunned but decided to get it dressed instead of worrying about the cause. The very next day when he opened the bandage, the wounds were gone. He thought he might have imagined the wounds, but the very next day they were back again. This went on for three days during which he was also dreaming of a woman calling him to a particular location in Bengaluru. He went there to find answers but returned with no memory of the night. After the incident, regular paranormal activities followed him which traumatized him. Thankfully, he was helped by paranormal investigator Gaurav Tiwari, who was recently found dead under mysterious circumstances. After recovering, the doctor switched professions and is now known as Dr. Rahul Kumar, Director and Lead Investigator in Team Pentacle. Since then, he has had several paranormal experiences, but none have scared him like the wounds he couldn’t cure.

Unbelievable Experiences of Paranormal Investigators

How ‘Mukti’ Caused a Car to Vibrate Like a Phone

On a particular night, Akshai Sthalekar from Indian Paranormal Team stopped his car on a deserted road of Lonavla to have a smoke. He was accompanied by 3 other people, who all were a part of a ghost walk. They were all casually smoking when one beer can on the ground defied wind and flung southwards. All of them were startled and rushed inside the car, but suddenly the car started shaking while everything outside the car remained calm. They were unable to start the car, so sat inside baffled when one of them opened an app on his phone. This particular app was designed to catch paranormal activities and was able to give the ghost a voice. They could hear a woman named Mukti who narrated the story of her death on that same point a few years ago. They had more questions but after this, all they could hear was someone screaming, so they shut the windows and sat there until it stopped.

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