Space Tourism is the New Way to Vacation in Space!

Space Tourism is the New Way to Vacation in Space!

Space tourism has taken the world by storm. It is amusing to see how people are so keen to experience a ride to space. In fact, who wouldn’t be? For those who are not aware of space tourism, it means traveling to space like you’re going on a vacation. This initiative would include several forms, like that of lunar, orbital, or suborbital tourism. Aerospace companies like Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin are taking steps to start this new genre of tourism. However, Russia has already sent 7 tourists to space already.

NASA has decided to charge every tourist $35,000 per night spent in space. The cost is this high as it goes largely towards necessities in space like food, air, energy, data, and most importantly, life support. To be a space tourist, it is necessary for you to receive training to survive in space. The tourist should be physically and mentally fit to get a chance to be a part of space tourism. A person should have all the medical approvals to be eligible to get on a space flight.

The space tourism companies also recommend that the potential space tourists should get the experience of the gravitational force on Earth. There are various places on Earth to experience weightlessness; it is essentially the same as skydiving. Practicing scuba diving or learning how to do it can also be of immense help when you’re aiming to be a part of space tourism. Getting accustomed to the vehicle can be a tough time; therefore, the tourist can expect a bruise or two.

However, putting all the odds aside, space tourism will be one hell of an experience. It sure sounds like it’s going to cost a fortune, but it is worth the investment. Dr. Parazynski, who served in NASA for 17 years and has flown five space shuttles in his life, says, “What I would tell prospective astronauts is that it’s going to change their lives forever. It’s a perspective that can’t be captured in emotion on film. Even in 3D-IMAX, there’s no way to capture the way it’s going to make you feel, the connectedness you feel to planet Earth, and the awe you have when you look out into the universe.”

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