Still be A Bird

I read somewhere that the best thing you would do is to help; 

I gave it a deep thought and decided to start with my own self.

All I did was to stand up from my side;

 Unfortunately you confused it with my ego and my pride.


 Living with you was like being in a beautiful song;

 All I thought of was improvement not meaning there are things missing or their being something wrong.

 I, in fact, don’t mind you shouting at me, it makes me feel like I am yours; 

And when I share it with my close ones you think it’s public-ally announcing our wars.


I bow down because I respect you and not because I surrender; 

Disrespect every time takes me nine feet’s under.

The only thing is that I am always scared and you know that is true; 

The very disturbing thought of being and living without you.


Earlier I was strong with a power of healing;

 But with you I just no more have this feeling.

The only mistake I did was to put forward my view point; 

“Raising your voice” was what with which it was coined.


I wonder if being scared to lose you was foolish of me or wise;

 But you said it is all over without thinking twice.

I don’t blame you at all, it was all only because of me;

 I should have known and had the brains enough to believe that this is not how it was meant to be.

Love is not to surrender, adjust, compromise and be unheard;

 Love is all about loving, being loved and still be a bird.

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