Students Perception of Online Examination System!

Students Perception of Online Examination System

Online Examinations can be defined as evaluations that are conducted digitally to overcome the limitations of traditional pen-paper examination. Online Examination System is gaining immense popularity in the recent times, with most of the competitive examinations being conducted virtually. There’s a large scope of growth for digital examinations, as most educational institutes still stick to their traditional method of examination.

We collected data on the opinions of students about this growing trend of online examination. The data provided numerous surprising elements to understand the perception of students towards the subject. We will be highlighting the pros and cons that students shed light on so that you can decide for yourself if the digital examination is making the lives of students better or worse.

  • Highlighting the good attributes of online examination. Students put forward excellent arguments for their support for online examination, the most significant ones are mentioned below.
  • Fast Results which helps students to immediately assess their performance.
  • Saves time as the student can immediately decide on his/her next step.
  • Convenience against the traditional approach of using pen and paper.
  • Improved structure and Readability is another aspect of the examination system that helps its goodwill.
  • Correction Possibility is high for the digital examination system.

There are other advantages to online examinations like the environmental factor, cost of labour, and others, but they are beyond the scope of a normal student’s perception. Some students perceive the negative attributes associated with online examinations. The most valid arguments are highlighted in the following points.

  • Comprehension of Subjective material made by the software is based on guidelines and not on the comprehension of data.
  • Technical Failure during the examination can result in loss of data and anxiety for students.
  • Software glitches can down the speed of attempts made by the student.
  • Unfair results as the majority segment of online examination rely on objective questions that can be answered easily via cheating.
  • Speed is a concern for students who aren’t well versed in technology.

By the data provided above, you are free to conclude for yourself if the online examination system is a blessing or a curse. We think that digital examinations are here to stay and in recent years will be able to eliminate the presented limitation.

What do you think? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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