Are You Sure that You’re Safe at Home? Think Again!

stay home

Humans may not stay faithful to their resolutions, but it sure looks like Covid19 desires to keep its resolution unimpaired. What began in Wuhan at the end of 2019, has imprisoned almost the entire globe in 2020. Three months ago, India declared a complete lockdown with barely 3-digit number of cases, but despite that the daily numbers of cases have only been rising. They said if we stepped out of our house, we’d be at greater risks of contracting the virus, but I don’t recall the government giving us the guarantee that staying home will keep us protected. Why do you think the number of cases across our country was soaring during the lockdown? Apart from the “droplets” transmission of this virus, there’s another path this virus treads on, a path not everyone is aware of.

It’s the ASYMPTOMATIC path. Every other day, you meet your neighbors, food delivery agents, security guard etc., right outside your doorstep, and they look good & healthy to you, and that’s when your neurons conclude: this human is not infected. And once this conclusion has been drawn, you tend to skip out on the necessary sanitation protocol and risk yourself based on one conclusion.

There have been positive cases reported, where the patient did not show any symptom even after being diagnosed positive to the virus. Apparently, they are asymptomatic and do not develop any symptom at all. However, if you were to engage in a casual conversation with an asymptomatic neighbor without wearing any masks, you’ve just given the virus permission to enter your system.

I’m sure all of us are keeping an out to anybody looks unwell, or is coughing, because our brain will direct our feet to drag us away from that potentially infected human immediately. When you return home with all the food supplies & you’ve disinfected yourself completely, have you thought about the supplies that the vendor handed off to you? He must’ve looked healthy & fine, but are you sure he’s not an asymptomatic patient carrying the virus?

He wouldn’t be sure of it himself because the existence of asymptomatic Covid-19 positive patients tells us that neither you nor I can be sure of not contracting the virus.

We may have “quarantined” ourselves to stay protected against the virus, but eventually one of our family members will step down to grab some groceries/essentials. You will the get the bag of chips you’ve been craving for a long time, however, if you don’t sanitize the bag properly before consumption, there’s a good chance you’d be adding a topping of Covid-19 to the chip with your fingers.

So, let’s stop drawing conclusions, and take precautionary measures even within our concrete boxes. This battle against Covid-19 does not end with us simply staying at home, it’s a battle that has only begun and continues to rage each passing second.

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