The Concept of Parallel Universe: The Possibility of Multiple “You”

The Concept of Parallel Universe The Possibility of Multiple You

With current advances in theoretical physics, the question about are we alone in this universe has changed. It is- are we alone in the multiverse *an infinite number of universes?

Yes, there could be parallel extra dimensions next to us (which means literally running next to us) that we can’t see. Although the theory isn’t completely converting from fiction to a scientific fact, it can be just a matter of time, and a definite clue for parallel reality.

Wondering if Stranger Things wasn’t just another sci-fi show after all? Well, “we daily move through time and space in our reality, but there definitely can be other realities that we haven’t yet visited,” says Braine Greene, professor of Physics and Mathematics at Columbia University.

The cosmos began with a singularity (the big bang) like we all know, and since then, it is expanding. So, as our current technology and comprehension curb us from looking what lies outside the universe and the three-dimensions; it does not mean that they don’t exist. Just like the Schordinger’s cat paradox experiment. Know More:

What Exactly Does This Explain?

That when the world of quantum mechanics (small things) meet general relativity (the world of the large), strange things happen. Quantum objects can exist in two states at once. This groundbreaking theory gives support to experiments like double slit, teleportation, discovering dimensions beyond 3,4,5…11!

The Concept of Parallel Universe The Possibility of Multiple You

When talking about atoms or sub-atomic particles, they change their state from one to another, but why do they exactly choose that state, is unbeknown to us. This is a question that only the concept of multiverse can solve. If there are parallel universes, then every possibility has an equal chance of appearing.

Also, the String/M theory have postulated on different dimensions of existence. You might have heard the term “String theory” appear here and there, as it is an important contribution to modern physics of study. But the theory too, that scientist believe make much sense have somehow reversed how we examine the world of unknown. Mostly ideas/hypothesis are preceded with a mathematical justification, prior to their physical discoveries, but string theory, quite inversely, lags on the mathematical justification to it, UNLESS you bring extra-dimensions into the bigger picture.

The Many-Worlds Of Quantum Mechanics

Not only do quantum theories make us perplexed, it puzzles the most brilliant minds as well, as this small world is a world of its own. Moreover, it does not work on definitive answers, but probabilities.

Parallel universe is one by-product theory given to us by quantum physics, stating the explanation behind an alternate universe as “it is the juncture where quantum enters into the realm of our lives, and splits our timeline, creating multiple realities or multiple versions of our existing selves.”

Some people do pose a strong argument that déjà vu, or the feeling of entering into a known yet unfamiliar place can be a glitch where you enter into a parallel universe for a brief time. Science does not support it, however. But what it does support is that within the areas of our time and space, there could exist, additional time and space dimensions, independently to ours.

Where Are These Parallel Universes?

There are nine bets/ variations on the where the parallel universes are. Some say that parallel universes are separated from us by infinite stretches of space or time; while in others, they’re literally right next to us; in other variants, the location seems to be meaningless. This makes it unnerving to imagine just how expansive reality may be.

The Concept of Parallel Universe The Possibility of Multiple You

Each alternate universe would carry its own different version of reality. There might be one where I find a way to enter this realm where you and I currently are; one where probably Morgan Freeman would hear our voiceovers and be smitten; who knows?

I’m sure reading this, may would wonder, why even the relevance of such studies on parallel universe really matter to us? It is practically not changing our lives one bit. Well, any curious mind who dwells on the meaning of their existence, knows how important such discoveries are in changing our reality, and us be much bigger than our irrelevant tiny existence in this uni…multiverse!

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