The Power of Gratitude – Shukar

“Gratitude,” “Shukar,” is a powerful word often taken for granted. It is the ability to count your blessings, which is the ultimate way to connect with your mind.

I use to ask my Dad ” What’s the fast track to love ?” and this is the answer he used to give – “when we are grateful for things, for what’s going on in our lives, for our family, for our love, for our friends that is when the heart opens. 

There is an old saying. “What you appreciate, appreciates.” When you appreciate something, then more of that flows into your life.

I want to support this statement with a theory.

There is a higher percentage of relationships that break than sustain. Be it husband-wife, friends, parents – children. There is only one cause for it that is a lack of gratitude or Complaint. When we start complaining in a relationship, start finding faults, we tend to start disliking the person. It is just pure nature. If you are not able to appreciate even one quality of your partner, you gradually tend to push away from that relationship.

On the other hand, when we start appreciating even little what the other person does for us, all the universal powers put in more effort for you, and they let more love flow for you.

Gratitude doesn’t only work for relationships, but each aspect of your life.

It’s very, very simple: the more we appreciate, the more we gain.

Appreciation is a heart-related feeling. To find something in those times when life is tough and appreciate something about them, it begins to shift the energies very quickly so that you come into another level of buoyancy that rises above the problem. And in doing so, you then find ways to deal with it.

The perspective of Gratitude also helps to be fearless, once you start practicing it, you will stop fearing, you will stop being insecure about relationships, money, health, work etc. We move from feeling afraid and challenged to feel open and look at life through the eyes of love, through the eyes of the heart.

When you begin to live at that level, the universe responds to that field, and then the things you want show up out of nothing.

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