The Traumatic Tactics of Population Control in China

The Traumatic Tactics of Population Control in China

If you thought that the Chinese government is only heartless towards foreigners then you couldn’t be wrong. When China is not bullying India, HongKong or the United States, it is bullying its citizens. Even right now, when all other countries are trying to save its citizens, China is committing demographic genocide to control the population. The government is taking extreme measures to reduce the Uyghurs population of China. Following is the list of extreme and inhumane measures taken by the government to reduce the population.

1. Detention Camps and Fines

Not compliance by people with Chinese government policies not only results in administration actions but also punishments. People with more than 2 children are asked to be fined or sent to detention camps for an unspecified amount of time.

2. Forced Abortions and Foeticide

The officials have also taken to inhumane ways to control the population in China. These include abduction, forced abortions and foeticide. This is mainly due to the birth-quota system, under which, the government set population targets for each region. Local officials are held responsible and failing results in punishment by law or by loss of privileges. To avoid such punishments officials rely on extreme measures.

3. The One-Child Policy

The one-child policy was not as simple as we thought. Married couples were required to obtain a family planning service certificate. Applying for which was complex and required official stamps from a minimum of 16 different entities. Failing to do so would result in the hospital not issuing a birth certificate, meaning no legal record of the child’s birth. In 2019 this was replaced by the 2-Child policy requiring the same documentation.

4. Mandatory Contraception

The mandatory contraception for women is another legal method used by the government to control the population. Officials encouraged women with one child to use IUDs, and those with two children to undergo tubal ligation. Failing to do so may result in noncompliance in registering a child with the local public security bureau, resulting in no access to health care or public education.

5. Spying and Manipulation

Government agents use a neighbourhood crime watch structure that enables neighbours to spy on each other. Reporting suspicions were monetarily rewarded to encourage this behaviour. Other than this the view that economic growth was used to manipulate people to take extreme measures to avoid population growth in their communities.

They have forced their own people to sterilize and abort, if women failed to do so the consequence were confinement or death. Surprisingly this was not the first time the government had taken extreme measures to reduce the population.

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