Have You Tried the Mask Parathas Yet?

Have You Tried the Mask Parathas Yet?

A viral picture of a paratha shaped like a facemask is gaining popularity on social media. People just can’t seem to have enough of the mask parathas and are not shying away to re-share or showing their innovation. This trend started when a popular restaurant in Madurai, Tamil Nadu started serving mask shaped parathas to its customers.

The manager of the restaurant, Mr. Poovalingam, has the best intention in mind, as through these innovative parathas he wanted people to start wearing face masks. He said that “People of Madurai are not very particular about wearing masks. We introduced ‘mask parottas’ to spread awareness among the people about COVID-19″.

Tamil Nadu which is the second worst-hit state with 1,22,350 cases due to coronavirus, is still witnessing carelessness on the hand of the population. Just like most of the people in the country, people in Tamil Nadu are also taking social distancing guidelines with no sincerity. Masks rarely make it to the public eye and seeing this behavior a restaurant started to spread awareness.

The Parathas are meant to motivate people to wear masks and are gaining huge popularity in the region. Priced at 50 rupees apiece, the product has already seen quadruple orders from the restaurant in the past few days. The business is reaping the benefits of working towards a cause. There are already talks about the paratha just being a marketing strategy, even if it started that way, social media has made it way bigger than just a promotion.

In another part of the country, a sweet called corona Sandesh was distributed free of cost to the public to spread awareness. We urge people to come up with more innovative ideas like these to motivate the population to take proper precautions against the virus. Even the tiniest effort to make a change counts.

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