Virtual Gods: A 3-D Art Collaboration For A Post COVID World

Virtual Gods: A 3-D Art Collaboration For A Post COVID World

With changing times, one must adapt to all new circumstances. During the lockdown, we have been quarantined at our homes. Workspaces and institutions have found ways to adjust to working from home. Virtual work is going to be the way forward for the next few months. Artists are taking this opportunity for virtual collaborations to capture the chaos in our lives. Virtual Gods is an online art exhibition created to explore new methods of exciting collaborations between artists. This experimental project was started to propagate the feeling of togetherness during the Covid-19 lockdown.

In order to conduct this new experiment with virtual methods of collaboration, 14 multidisciplinary artists came together without any preconceived notions of what would be made. They used modern technology and newer tools and mediums as a platform of expression. They started by exchanging illustrations amongst the participants, which were then designed into 3D Configurations. The artists then fused their 3D compositions together to create beautiful Virtual Worlds.

This project is a peek into a world created within the captivating eccentricity of fourteen gifted minds lost in a space beyond time and imagination. Deja Vu is the central concept, the gospel truth, which has now become a driving force in our post-lockdown lives. It consists of notions that are beyond vocation, not bound by any rules. Spaces are brought to life with absolutely no preconception. These anomalies and experiences make this exhibition one of a kind.

During the course of this project that extended across 3 weeks, artists collaborated their skillsets and design languages to create the most authentic pieces of self-expression emerging from a lockdown. They also discovered discovering new processes and improved their skills. The end product was a result of this creativity and hard, in the form of a Virtual Group Art Exhibit.

Virtual Gods was born as an extension of another art project, ‘Scarpin’ which attempted to bridge the gap between architecture & graphic media. Take a deep dive into this fascinating virtual project to have an experience you’ll never forget.

The participants involved in this collaboration are Kuldeep Jangid, Ishita Parmar, Sneha Desai, Nayan Mote, Devarsh Sheth, Janhavi Shinde, Shravan Suresh, Yash Pradhan, Advaita Kelkar, Sohil Soni, Jinal Wadgama, Siddhesh Kadam, Anuj Modi, and Varun Mehta.

The exhibition is being held from 1-31 August 2020.
To know more about the exhibition, check out their website.
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