Virtual Playdates Idea for Kids during Quarantine

Virtual Playdates Idea for Kids during Quarantine

Do you know which age group is disturbed the most by Social distancing? Sorry, it is not your age group, but the kids below 14. All other age groups can easily find ways to socialise and be acquainted with what’s happening, but for kids, that’s not always possible. Their cartoon friends can’t take the place of their actual friends. Not only are kids struggling at a conscious level, but their subconscious and learning ability is also being affected. Though it might not be ideal to send off your kids to play in the garden, you can certainly make them feel closer to their friends. Virtual playdates are a great idea to keep kids entertained and happy, not only is this a great opportunity to socialize but to learn as well. Here are some virtual playdates idea you can plan for your kids

1. Online Games

Most of the kids are already addicted to online games. Make the most out of this addiction and plan a date where your kids could virtually connect with their friends, to interact and play at the same time.

2. Virtual Dance Party

Virtual Playdates Idea for Kids during Quarantine

Who better knows how to dance like no ones watching better than kids. Make your kids get some exercise by planning a virtual dance party with ample of their friends.

3. Dress Up Date

Virtual Playdates Idea for Kids during Quarantine

Your kid’s creativity doesn’t have to be limited to dressing Taylor Swift on their computers. Encourage them to dress themselves up and flaunt their friends’ virtual dress-up play date.

4. Draw Portraits

Virtual Playdates Idea for Kids during Quarantine

You can ask kids to make each other portraits while on a video call. Though this might not turn them into Picasso but will certainly give them time to interact and have fun. These were our favourite playdates ideas if you come up with something innovative feel free to share it in the comments below.

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