I am Wanderlust Not Lost!

Hi! I am Gursharan; I belong to everywhere! I started writing when I was probably in 6th Standard. As I belong to 80’s kid community, love letters on the backside of notebook were like Instagram DM’s. So, ya the guy in my class who resembled Kurt Cobain inspired me to pull off my writing skills. And then the long lost college loves further bestowed. Lastly, a hurricane scattered my words to each possible place. As as far my blogs are concerned it will include my personal experiences, after all, what are we left with when death embraces? Some of the experiences to share, right?
I wander from place to place in a vision to collect my words. I Travel to ditch the possibilities of lost vision and seek light from each possible window of a train, aeroplane, bus or a car. Travelling is an art. And everyone wants to be an Artist once in a lifetime! Many people love to travel and experience the beauty of nature. It gives everlasting memories and mixed emotions. People spend most of the months at work, home, sleep and repeat. I realized sooner in my life I can’t be one of them. Behind the desk are responsibilities, beyond that? Perpetuity!
And this perpetuity led me to manali in June 2017, I was Jobless and about to enter 30’s the age of “learning lessons age type” and in a league of start-ups mine was having a miscarriage. So I decided to be a bag pack instead and fabricate my thought process. This is how travelling to places heals my mind. I want to share the experience of a place in manali, untouched by the crowd, hardly explored. Travelling to hill stations can make us admire the creativity of God.

I stayed in Old Manali. There is a trek which starts at the end of the cafe lane, goes through the village. The trek is about 45 minutes walk, you straight reach the point where you can be at the riverside. During the trek, my eyes had admired each view, and the destination made me fall in love all over again, Ya! Ya! Again one of the reasons I am writing.
I just laid down on the grass by the riverside, could see God creations creating magic and I started feeling like a foetus. This place is totally secluded from the crazy crowded typical mall road. If you want to have alone time and meditate, be in nirvana or even smoke some hash this is a perfect unexplored spot. Sometimes it is so hard to believe what places can do to your inner-self, that was probably the only place whereas a wanderer I found myself. I felt in love with my existence, gained the power to stretch my arms and denied the failures. You don’t fail until you acknowledge it. I returned to Delhi as a hulk with full power: I did not turn green though!
30th June I reached Delhi, the deadline for having a job. On 31st June I cracked my first interview after six years.

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