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5 Indian Snacks Under 100 Calories

Whether you wish to gain or shed some weight, whichever route takes you to your destination of a fit & healthy body, it is determined by your calorie intake.

It’s pretty simple – if you burn more calories than you consume, you’re losing weight and vice versa.

However, it’s important for you to know that excessively cutting calories in your diet can elongate your journey to a fit body by slowing down your metabolism rate. Often, you’ll come across experts and trainers giving you a green signal for starving occasionally, but it’s a big NO!

What is the need for prolonging your hunger when you could fix an easy and healthy snack for yourself within minutes?

Here are top five Indian weight-loss snacks under 100 calories that’ll help keep those taste buds & diet plans alive!

1. Spicy Chickpea

5 Indian Snacks Under 100 Calories

One of the easiest fixes to an evening snack with high nutritional value is spiced chickpea. Chickpeas are rich in fibre & protein, and low in calories.

You’ll require a bowl of chickpeas, chopped onions, tomatoes and capsicum, and little lemon juice. Toss everything in the pan & roast them until it’s cooked, and season it later with some herbs or chaat masala powder.

And there you go, a filling yet healthy snack that’ll keep you full for a long time and help you stick to your diet plans.

2. Upma

5 Indian Snacks Under 100 Calories (7)

The classic Indian breakfast option that every house, every family is familiar with, Upma. Although this dish finds its root in Tamil Nadu, it is popularly served in Maharashtrian and South Indian households as well.

Usually, the main ingredient is Semolina (or, Rava), however, you could create a modified version of your own by replacing rava with rice, millets, or sevai.

It’s a snack option with minimal efforts required, combine your choice of the main ingredient along with some cooked vegetables, and sprinkle salt & pepper as required for seasoning.

Traditionally a breakfast dish, over the years Upma has become a part of an “any timer” snack menu, and it can be served as a breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a ‘between meals’ dish.

3. Chapati Masala Noodles

5 Indian Snacks Under 100 Calories (2)

Looking for a recipe that transforms leftover chapatis into a tasty and low-calorie snack? Well, you’ve got it!

Wasting food hurts more than a breakup, I won’t deny that and recipes that let us use leftovers are a blessing, right?

But, how? It’s easy, all you need to do is replace noodles with strips of chapatis and cook them with sauteed & flavored vegetables. It is probably one of the best ways of utilizing leftover chapatis. With preparation and cooking time nearing 10 minutes, chapati masala noodles is a quick & healthy snack at your disposal.

4. Sweet Potato Fries

Oven Baked Sweet Potato (1)

Calling out to all the potato fries lovers who can’t resist eating fries even though they’re filled with guilt later. How about we replace the main ingredient with something similar, which will eventually replace our guilt with a big, broad smile?

Believe it or not, one serving of this weightloss snack equals roughly 80 calories & guilt-free happiness. Yes, just 80 calories.

Cut fine wedges of a large sweet potato, and coat them with olive oil, salt & pepper. Then, all you need to do is bake them for about 20 minutes or so, and garnish with herbs of your choice. This dish is an amazing alternative to your regular fries, with great amounts of Vitamin A & C that fulfills your snack craving with a low calorie & nutritional snack.

5. Corn Bhel

5 Indian Snacks Under 100 Calories (5)

One of the most popular Indian street food – bhel, is a ‘chaat’ speciality that a lot of can’t say no to, ever. It’s usually made of puffed rice, but if we replace puffed rice with boiled corn kernels, it’s a healthy snack that’ll let you enjoy chaat guiltfree!

However, there’s another magic ingredient that contributes to this under 100 calorie snack, and that is – Baked Sev. Yes, you heard that right. Swap your regular fried sev with homemade baked sev, and you’ll be ready with your homemade streetfood style snack within minutes!

It’s important that you consume a variety of foods, ensuring the fact that you get all the nutrition you need, every human on an average requires about 1,200 calories each day depending on your daily activities, workouts, etc.

If you notice, all these dishes went from not-so-healthy to very healthy simply by swapping one ingredient with the other, keeping the flavour intact.

And there you have it, five simple, easy healthy snacks under 100 calories that’ll give your tastebuds a nutritional party they’ll never forget and take you to closer to your desired body weight.

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