Why Feel Pain?

If asked to jot down all the problems that one has, we can almost make a list of the same. Pain or suffering is a vital part of every existing entity, right from a tree to a human to the dog on the street.

We can call it an extension of life form or physical form. Earth is the physical realm (can’t say if it’s the only one), our bodies are said to be made of elements and that’s why we experience what other spiritual entities don’t.

Imagine their being no bodies, this would take away half of the pain we already have, now imagine their being no currency of operation or supporting our sustenance then the other half of pain is also gone. If there were no emotional bonds then the sufferings won’t be in existence.

But do we want a world like this for us? Do you think we were given a choice to choose what we want to be in the physical realm and we chose this for ourselves? If no then there is no option but to deal with it. If yes, then why shy away from what we eventually signed for.

Not to mention, most of the times it’s the lingering pain that teaches us the deepest of life lessons in real time.

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